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XI: I cannot see some of my messages in the SXMB_MONI

During the standard XI configuration we can set some RUNTIME parameters for messages logging
but if this configuration hasn’t been done on your developer system have no fear:) …you can still update it.

If we want to see sync. messages in SXMB_MONI we have to do a few easy steps:


2. Integration engine configuration


3. Edit – Change specific configuration data


and add those paramaters:

LOGGING and LOGGING_SYNC category RUNTIME current value = 1 (active)


you can also set TRACE_LEVEL to 3 (on your DEV XI system) so that XI will document all processing steps and details

Remember it’s good to set the TRACE_LEVEL to 3
only when you need very accurate global trace
but not for a very long time because it can fill your
DEV XI system database very quickly

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    • I sure hope so:)))

      but I'd like that someone from the SAP saw that too and added it in the configuration guide maybe πŸ™‚ that would be something:)


      • Hey Michal,
                    Great. Its time for you to write a book on XI. I regularly go through your replies in SDN forum.......

        Thanks Again,

        • >>I regularly go through your replies in SDN forum

          are they so funny? :)))

          one book on XI is enough I'd like to have much more how-to-guides personally:)


  • Hi
       This is a good trick Michal but, when we turned it in our system, it fills the XI logs and database tremendously and system became slow.
    So please use the trace with "Deligence".

    To Add to Michal's Weblog:
    Another good option would be, when an error occurs, goto sxmb_moni and restart the message. A popup occurs to Retain/Increment the trace level, where we can increase the trace level on demand.


    • on the DEV system?
      sure it has to be used carefully but on the dev system the more logs you have the better you know what is happening πŸ™‚


  • Hi Michal,
            I read your weblogs regularly, great job.. Keep going.. I want to add to the weblog you posted.
            When the trace is set to level 3 earlier, our unix logs and database logs were filled up tremondously and system was brought down because of lack of space.
            One way to handle trace is put the trace level 1 unless until it is required at global level. When an error occurs, goto SXMB_MONI and try to restart the message. A popup occurs with option to retain/increase the trace level. In this fashion you can increase the trace level on demand. I beleive trace is useful when any occurs in message processing.
            Please correct me if am wrong.

    Happy learning

  • Hi Michal,

    Simplay I am saying You are the best.

    I am new to XI.
    But i am working in XI-Production.
    Daily i am doing monitoring in XI.
    Give me some good link which are usefull for me.


  • Hi M.

    Your blog is really excellent. It helped a lot.

    Just a request, could you please let us know how can we find the webdispather logs in case of SOAP adapter in use.


  • I had the same settings in sxmb_adm but unable to see the messages in SXMB_MONI.

    When i send a test messages from SOAP UI i get reply with my RFC output,but don't see messages in moni, but i can see some logs in SRT_UTIL. What else needs to be done ? Please advise.





    • Hi Mahesh,

      Have you solved the issue -Β unable to see the messages in SXMB_MONI.

      I encountered the same, could you please share your experience if it's solved.