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  1. Former Member
    Hello, I’m very interested in make it work this tool in my company, we tried with the SAP’s tool, but doesn’t works fine and we have an OSS message opened for solve some issues, but I think that we can write our own tool to have all the control of that.

    The only extra code that I need from you is how to obtain the information of the iView, user, and PCD URL that you are storing in the database.


    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Rafael,
           Thank you for the feedback. The following lines would get you information about iview, use and pcd url. If this doesn’t make sense then i could send you a sample code. Email me at

      String NodeName = componentnode.getNodeName();
      IPortalComponentContext ctxt =
      IPortalComponentProfile profile = ctxt.getProfile();
      //the following lines will get you the type of
      //PCD object requested
      String pcdurl;
      String type = profile.getProperty(“ComponentType”);
      //to get the PCD url
      pcdurl = ctxt.getContextName()
      //it is a page
      //to get the PCD url
      pcdurl = ctxt.getContextName()
      //this will get you the userid who made the
      String userid = request.getUser().getLogonUid();

        1. Former Member Post author
          Hi Rafael,
                I have got your email. I will send you the jar but you can find the jar in the install directory of portal.
          prakash singh
          1. Former Member
            EXCELLENT BLOG!

            Does the same API’s avaiable in EP 7 also?

            I have a similar requirement in EP 7. The clients don’t wana go with std reports..

            I would really appriciate if you could send me the completed project file to my id

            Thanks in advance…

            1. Former Member
              Excellent Blog,

              The functionality of the tool would be great for creating more custom reporting.

              Please can you supply me with the par if you have it, so that I can take a closer look.  Can’t wait for the follow on…..

  2. Former Member
    My company wants to get user statistics and was planning to use webtrends for it ..But this seems to be a better option. Looking forward to see the a detailed weblog about this
  3. Eddy De Clercq
    Just fyi, I was (still am as a matter of fact) writing an article on HTTP stats and possible tools. It’ll be published within a couple of weeks.
        1. Former Member Post author
          Well done. Excellent. It will be nice if you could write another article which shows you how to integrate this statistics tool with EP6.


  4. Hello,

    First of all, thank you very much for your great sample!
    I am currently trying to implement this in NetWeaver EP and I have one problem.
    String componentype = profile.getProperty(“ComponentType”);
    In sample code above, componentype is always “”. Some are meaningful page but most of them are innerpage or pagebuilder. embedded or URL iviews are not hooked.
    Do you have any idea?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Former Member
      Hi Prakash,

      Thank you for the great weblog. I am trying to implement a simple activity report on ep6 sp2. but somehow the service is not appearing in the services configuration iview. I have checked thoroughly and I cant find anything amiss.

      Raj Balakrishnan

  5. Former Member
    Hi Prakash, do you know where can I find more documentation regarding the API that you used and the INodeHook? I can’t find the Portal Runtime Guide anywhere.

    Very good weblog, very usefull.

  6. Former Member
    Hi Prakash!
    This weblog is very interesting because the standard reports are very simple and I would like to develop this in my company.
    Could you please, send me the complete code or tell me where can I find it?? I can’t find it.
    I’m trying to develop it, without success 🙁

    Thanks in advanced.

    Sergio Sepúlveda M.

  7. Former Member

    I need to see the history of visited URL for each user at each logon at “User logon report”.
    Do you think this is possible?.

    Great Blog!.

    Thanks a lot.


  8. Former Member
    Hi Prakash Singh,

    That’s the report that SAP should have by default. I am really interested in your job and hope that you make the second blog with the complete par file.
    If it is not difficult, could you please send me the par file at my email,

    Thanks and again, congratulations….

  9. Former Member

    I have same kind of requirement to where they need to be some custom reports generated on EP 7.0.  Could you please send me the par file to Is there any other way to access WCR tables to pull the reports using webdynpro?

    Please let me know,


  10. Former Member
    Could we have the par file as we have just implemented MSS on EP5 and require some proper portal runtime statistics which is not very abstract in the portal activity report.Thanks


  11. Former Member
    Nice Blog, good idea.

    I’m trying to do get the activity Date from portal to develop another frontend than the SAP standard. What APIs have you used? Is there a good Documentation? I haven’t found a “Portal Runtime Guide”. Might this meanwhile be the “Running an EP” Document?

    Best regards,


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