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My first blog with a corporate identity

Sorry to get off topic on the very first post but I thought  I’ve finally got a blog with a corporate identity. For the customary introduction, I am working as a Development Specialist for the SAP CRM Mobile Client Component’s Installation and Upgrade team. You will find my ramblings and experiences with the setup technology.

As many would rightly say, Setup is the most vital part of the software. You can afford to have bugs in all other parts of the software but setup is one part where bugs cannot be tolerated.

Apart from setups you will also find ramblings related to .NET technologies in and some tips on design considerations to have a relatively painless deployment.

You can view my blogs without a corporate identity at

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  • Hi Vagmi,

    Your post lets me long for more … well, how shall I put it more substance 🙂 No problem to also have a link to ones personal site, as long as there are other nuggets of information experiences to chew on.

    Don’t talk about what you are going to tell us, tell us right away.

    Looking forward to it, Mark.

  • Hi Vagmi,

    As someone working ‘in the field’, I’d appreciate any news you can share about your work.

    I’ve been involved in 3 CRM 4.0 MSA rollouts
    – 200+ laptops (SP3 about to go to SP9)
    – 220+ laptops (SP6)
    – 30 Workgroup Servers (SP4 about to go to SP8)

    What can I expect in new releases?

    Can I give feedback on current releases?

    Do you want info from me on any specific topics?



    • Hi Graham,

      Sorry for the long delay in the response. Its been a hectic month trying to get stuff done for the latest installaton program. Of course you can give your feedback for our existing installations. If you have any concerns I would be more than happy to address them or clarify them for you. You can either post them directly here or you can send me an email. My email is mentioned in my business card.

      I have a couple of blog entries queued up about the features in the latest setup. Although I cannot assure that all the features will make it into the final setup.