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SDN Success Story – 1st post / 1st Reply / 1st Solution

I’ve been on SDN for awhile now and I’ve tried to get as many people in my company to come on as well. Recently and I mean just last Friday. One of them asked me for help. He was working on a JCo project and was getting a strange error. We searched SDN together but didn’t really find anything that was a direct help. I asked him if he was signed up on SDN or just browsing looking for answers.

His response was “just browsing”, I told him to go ahead and create an account and then post a question. The idea was that hopefully he would get a quick response, me of course telling him “most posts get at least one reply within 2 hours”, you know, what Mark keeps telling us 😉

Well take a look for yourself, just click Problem with WebSphere 5.1 and JCO. As you can see in the timestamps on the messages and in the response from Andreas the problem was solved! And in under and hour’s time! So many thanks out to Vladimir Pavlov for the quick response and the helping hand!

I’ve just got to remember now to get Andreas access to read the OSS notes himself now…

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  • That’s the way to go!
    If you keep going on like that, soon will not be a one-man-show for much longer on the Top Contributing Companies list …
    With you leading the way everything is possible 😉
    • Right now I’ll be happy if I can just a few more online and being interactive like Andreas, then MAYBE I can get them to start answering posts as well 🙂
  • In one of my recent weblogs I discussed apply Prakash Singh’s code to recursively perform a search and replace of text in the target url properties of external links of KM.  That all came about based on a posting in the SDN forum, where I’d asked if anyone had code to do this.  I got a reply within the day by Prakash.  I got ahold of his Business Card info, then contacted him by e-Mail for details.  He called me by phone all the way from the US (I’m in Canada) to help me out.  I had my solution and now I use this very frequently in my support work for the Portal.  Craig, I’m sure we’re just a couple of the many folks who are really finding SDN as their site of choice.  Thanks for your weblog – I hope it inspires other users.
    • You should also do a little write-up “Success Story” wise for the others here on SDN and for those in your company -> click on my name and you’ll find a “Challenge” from me for SDNers!

      Check it out!