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Fun Friday, What’s hiding on your PC?

Awhile back I posted a weblog for a change to the norm, Fun Friday, What’s in your bag? today I’ve another topic for you…

Today let’s cover something I recently came across on the internet.

11 Signs of Spyware

We all hate this stuff, although sometimes it’s interesting to see how they did it but in the end it’s just annoying and potentially very dangerous for you and your company. The article I came across was written by Neil J. Rubenking and covers a common sense approach to detecting Spyware. To be honest I found it also to be very humorous.

Before I say anything more some of you may ask why I’m surfing the net instead of working today. Well first off I am working, second today is a rather easy day. Yesterday was a holiday in Germany and therefore most everyone took a vacation day today to enjoy a long weekend. Which is why today is a “Fun Friday” because I have the time today to surf around and catch up on all my reading and updates of various technologies and issues.

So Spyware, a black mark for everyone! The sign of someone with too much time on their or just the annoyance of an ant at your picnic?

So what is Spyware? How do you get rid of it? How do you protect yourself?

A general term for a program that surreptitiously monitors your actions. While they are sometimes sinister, like a remote control program used by a hacker, software companies have been known to use Spyware to gather data about customers. The practice is generally frowned upon.

Pretty much sitting up there with SPAM, but I’ll let Eddy tell you about “Honeypot”.

So once you have it you gotta get rid of it so how do you do this? Well you gotta find yourself one of those fancy dancy “Spyware Buster” tools. I personally use “AdAware” mostly and it can be found here at Lavasoft and is available in multiple languages. Other very good tools can be found here

So now that you’ve gotten rid of it how to protect yourself from getting it again?

PC Mag pretty much took all the major “Spyware Buster” tools to the test and they posted a nice “scorecard” here. I would suggest you download that and take a look at what is what. Then take a look at this article, it is nicely done in terms of good tips on avoiding future infections.

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