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The Mystery of Miraculix

Overview I post this blog in an attempt to get an answer to a question I have had for some time.   Why is Miraculix (in English Getafix) lurking within the bowels of SAP?   For those of you who don’t know him, he is the all powerful druid who helps Asterix and his friends to defeat the invading Romans (check out for more details). Miraculix on Display Before proceeding, perhaps its best if I show you what I’m talking about.   Many of you will be aware that since version 4.5 of R/3 there has been a function for storing binary data (MIME objects) in the SAP database.   This is called the SAP Web Repository and can be accessed via transaction SMW0 (that’s a zero at the end). If you run this transaction you are presented with two radio button options (in 4.7 anyway, I don’t remember it being like this is 4.5).   Select binary data for WebRFC and hit enter.   Here you are presented with a selection screen where you should type in STMA_FRONT_PICTURE_SAP in the object name and then hit execute. You should be presented with a screen which looks something like this. The next step generally depends on whether you have used the SAP Web Repository in your system before or not. I will assume that you have not, and for those who have they can skip ahead to the next part. You will need to set up a MIME editor for .gif object types.   There are a few steps to follow here:

  • First check you have a MIME type for image/gif.   Go to Settings->Maintain MIME Types.   Check you have an entry for image/gif (spelling and case are important, it must be an exact match). This should be associated with the file extension .gif.
  • If you do not have a MIME type for image/gif then create one using the create pushbutton (F5). Remember that the spelling and case are important, and that you should assign it to extension type .gif.
  • Now you will need to assign a MIME editor to your MIME type. Return to the object display screen and go to Settings->Assign MIME editor. Select the image/gif MIME type and in the Editor field use the dropdown to locate your favoured .gif editor on your PC (you can use internet explorer if you just want to display). When finished the screen should look like the following:
  • Hit the save button to record your settings.

After you have completed these steps, you will return to the Object Display screen.   Select the line with object STMA_FRONT_PICTURE_SAP and hit the display pushbutton. Et voila, Miraculix appears. Hmmmmm????? Now the question is, what’s he doing there???   Is he that mysterious kernel that I keep hearing so much about?   Is he brewing up a batch of java???   Is his magic potion why SAP seems to be an unstoppable force in the application software market?   I want some answers!!!

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