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How to manipulate a MaxDB Database using JDBC – Part 2

In my previous weblog a simple MaxDB database access using the JDBC Interface was discussed. This weblog discusses the same but shows how more than one query can be used in a JDBC code, creating tables in MaxDB using JDBC, inserting values into tables, executing queries on them to produce desirable output and finally deleting tables.

The below links will be useful to learn more about the JDBC and MaxDB
MaxDB Documentation
JDBC Technology

Creating a Table and Inserting values into them

The command executeUpdate() can be used to perform the manipulation tasks like Create, Insert, Drop etc. The below code explains how we can create a table, insert values into it. Then as discussed before a Select query is executed to show the data present in the table.




Creating, Inserting, and Deleting tables

The next task is to delete a table that is present in the database. As discussed before the same can be achieved using the executeUpdate() method. The below program is one full cycle from a table creation, inserting values, quering on the same and finally deleting the database table.


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