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Author's profile photo Thomas Jung

BSP: BTF editor example, Non Model View Controller


Recently I received an Email from Marco Nickel pertaining to a past weblog I had done on BSP Developer’s Journal Part XVI – Using the BTF Editor.  Marco was looking for a BTF example that wasn’t implemented in Model View Controller.  Quite frankly I haven’t coded much that wasn’t MVC in quite some time.  Let’s hope my Non MVC BSP programming skills aren’t quite as rusty as my German is. 

  • event handler for data retrieval

****If we don’t have any data coming in from a previous event,

****then we want to initialize it with some default text.

****This could also be some code to load text from the database.

IF s_documentdata-btf_doc IS INITIAL.

   DATA: text(25) TYPE c.

   DATA: l_text TYPE xstring.

   text = ‘This is test text’.


  • event handler for checking and processing user input and

  • for defining navigation

****Perform this code before we handle any events.  Regardless of the event,

****we have to bring the editor content back in to keep it.

  • Read data from editor:

  DATA: editor TYPE REF TO cl_btf_bsp_editor.

  editor ?= cl_btf_bsp_manager=>get_data( request = request

                                          name     = ‘editor’

                                          id       = ‘btf1’ ).


    s_documentdata-btf_doc = editor->document.



I hope that this little example has been a useful addition to the content that already exists on BTF.  At the very least it might be the starting point for further questions.

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      Author's profile photo Stefan Riedel-Seifert
      Stefan Riedel-Seifert

      pretty good, but is there any infrastructure to store these documents?

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung
      I will have to look at the SAP example applications to see if they had a central storage location, but I don't believe they did. 

      The content itself can be retrieved from the document object.  It is returned as a binary string.  What I have always done in the past is just store this binary string in a database table.

      For my company's systems I created a centralized data store for BTF content very similar to the long text tables in R/3.  I have a configuration table with text types and I obscure the database access via a set of class methods very similar to the tradition READ_TEXT, SAVE_TEXT, etc. R/3 function modules.  This layer that I built adds additional value by compressing the BTF content using the ABAP GZIP classes.  If people are interested in BTF, perhaps I could post my code in another weblog.

      Author's profile photo John Patterson
      John Patterson
      Another good article.

      For managing documents from an SAP system with external storage - research SAP Content Server an easy to use complimentary product which is fully http compatible and easy to configure and use with KPRO or DMS within SAP and KM with EP.

      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung
      I think there may be some confusion here about the term document. BTF to me is really the next generation solution to Long Text objects in R/3. This is nice way to store notes and comments amount an object. My company certainly doesn't use it store "documents".  BTF only stores HTML so it isn't positioned to store External documents (word, excel, etc).

      My company does use DMS with the SAP Content and Cache server to store these other types of documents. 

      In my mind these are two completly different tools with different purposes. 

      Author's profile photo John Patterson
      John Patterson
      No argument from me, I was not commenting on the weblog only the storage options.
      Author's profile photo Petr Vostrovsky
      Petr Vostrovsky
      Hi Stefan,
      thanks for ideas, great extension and consequent article!
      Otherwise, if I want to place btf into TabStrip (and I'm using onSlect tabStripItem property), I'm receiving JavaScript error "Object expected". Do you have any idea what's the reason and how to avoid it?
      Thank a lot for your help!
      Author's profile photo Thomas Jung
      Thomas Jung
      Blog Post Author
      Well there are a few OSS notes with fixes for the BTF. The starting point would be to make sure you have all of them applied.  They are related to various JavaScript errors. 

      If that isn't the case and you are fairly sure that the problem is realted to the interaction of the two elements, I would open an OSS problem. To help out you might recreate the problem in as simplistic an example as possible.  Meaning a page that just has the TabStrip and the inner BTF. 

      I can tell you that I have used BTF before within a TabStrip (but it was the phtmlb:tabStrip). That would be another option- try one of the other tabStrip implementations (PHTMLB or XHTMLB).

      Author's profile photo Petr Vostrovsky
      Petr Vostrovsky

      Hallo Thomas,<br/>thank you for your quic response, below you can see my BSPage, meantime I'll try your suggestion. I'm on WAS 7.0o SP 8.<br/>Thank you and best regards<br/>Stefan<br/><br/><br/><%@page language="abap" %><br/><%@extension name="htmlb" prefix="htmlb" %><br/><%@extension name="btf" prefix="btf" %><br/><br/><htmlb:content design="design2003" ><br/>  <htmlb:page title=" " ><br/>    <htmlb:form encodingType="multipart/form-data"><br/>      <htmlb:tabStrip id         = "myTabStrip1"<br/>                            selection = "1"      ><br/>        <htmlb:tabStripItem id       = "myTabStripItem10"<br/>                            onSelect = "myTabStripItem10onSelect"<br/>                            index    = "10"<br/>                            title    = "search" ><br/>          <htmlb:tabStripItemBody><br/>10<br/>          </htmlb:tabStripItemBody><br/>        </htmlb:tabStripItem><br/>        <htmlb:tabStripItem id       = "myTabStripItem20"<br/>                            onSelect = "myTabStripItem20onSelect"<br/>                            index    = "20"<br/>                            title    = "search" ><br/>          <htmlb:tabStripItemBody><br/>      <btf:editor id       = "btf1"<br/>                  document = "<%= lv_btf_documentdata-btf_doc %>"<br/>                  height   = "100px"<br/>                  width    = "400px"<br/>                  navigationType = "Off"/><br/>          </htmlb:tabStripItemBody><br/>        </htmlb:tabStripItem><br/>      </htmlb:tabStrip><br/>    </htmlb:form><br/>  </htmlb:page><br/></htmlb:content><br/><br/><br/>lv_btf_documentdata TYPE BTFDOCUMENTDATA