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Big, Bigger, Huge. Some impressions on SDN Meets Labs – Walldorf

Here are some impressions on the SDN meets Labs in Walldorf. It won’t              be a review of all the stuff that can be seen. So many things to attend              and so little time to see it all, prevent me doing this. So I stick              to quickly written impressions. So forgive me for any typos or bad              English.


It all started yesterday driving of from Leuven to our hotel in Heidelberg.              It went rather smooth. It took only the CD’s from Brice Springsteen,              Moby, Discobar Galaxy and Soulwax to get us there. Heidelberg is a              rather nice city (certainly with the good weather yesterday), comparable              with Leuven, which is of course also a university city. After some              delicious Thai food Dries and I headed for the Markstube in Walldorf,              where we meet all the well known guys. Finally I could shake hand              with my idols.


The next morning we took off for the SDN meets Labs itself. It didn’t              start of well. First of all it was raining cats and dogs, there was              stau (traffic jams) from and to Heidelberg and Walldorf. Luckily it              wasn’t too bad for our direction, but we also took somewhat the wrong              direction. My GPS navigator gave up a week ago, so we had to do it              with a paper version of the route planner, which isn’t always as accurate              as it should be. But we found it in time. Now I come to my first “big”              word. You see the SAP logo everywhere. It’s a industry park on its              own.


When we registered my second “big” word comes into my mind.              So much people and not only from Germany alone. Guys came even from              India (was it you Shehryar?) in order to attend this event. There              was so many people over there that even not everybody had a seat at              the keynote speech.


That’s it for now. My session is soon and I have to start thinking              of being nervous. By the way, I’ve taken (and continue during the              event) some pics, which you can find on Flickr.              Use the tag sdnmeetslabs.

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