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Dreaming of a perfect SDN web log editor, part II

In the previous web log you saw how a Dreamweaver template could be installed for creating SDN web logs. In this part, I will elaborate on the editing.

Step 1:

Create a new page. Instead of using the general templates, choose the SDN template. Make sure you’re in the Design view.


Step 2:

You will notice that can’t edit anything outside the title and the web log content itself.


Create your web log, but make sure that you follow The 1-2-3 Steps To Producing a Weblog on the layout.
Eventually check the spelling (Shift + F7) and save it if needed.

Step 3:

Switch to Code view. You will notice that only the editable regions are not grayed out.


Create a web log the usual way. Copy everything between  and  and paste it in the web log form.

Step 4:

Publish it. That’s it. That wasn’t difficult, was it?

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    • Sure will give that one a try, especially as I’m about to do some blogging in the near future.
    • An idea would be to use wiki syntax for the blogs. This way anyone should be able to take a to minute tutorial and get it working

      Just use standard wiki syntax plus some custom defined elements for code examples etc.
      == wiki blog( ==
      === Introduction ===
      Bla bla bla

      for element in lists
      puts element

      [| This is a link to SDN]


      Of course this comment will probably be horribly formated and with no way to change it 🙂

      • Dagfinn, I like the wiki syntax idea.

        As soon as SDN Meets Labs is over in Walldorf and I have some sanity back in my inbox we will tackle the Weblogging system with new enthusiasm 🙂

        See you in Walldorf, Mark.
        P.S. Thanks for the Dreamweaver plug in Eddy, you have to show it to me next week, I didn’t get it running on my machine. Probably user error.