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SDN Meets: Preparing for Walldorf

If you are expecting some big revalation in terms of this weblog, I’ll say sorry now. This is actually my way of getting rid of the stress.

I spent Thursday and Friday night watching the live Webcast from the US and seeing how things were done and how they worked out. OK, so I wanted a heads up to see how everyone did their presentations in order to be a bit better prepared, I mean I want Walldorf to be better than Palo Alto was — a tough act to follow but we can do it!!

So what did I do to prepare? Well at first I figured I had plenty of time until I received and E-Mail stating that I had to have things mailed in “no later than April 11th”, OK not a problem, everything was already completed. What I wanted though, was to see how Palo Alto went in order to make alterations if needed. Also the fact that as far as I know we will have WLAN access but it is not 100% yet which means I’ll have to have backup material because my demos may not be accesible.

One thing I always worry about in terms of a technical presentation, especially with programming involved, is time. My original presnetation had about 40 slides and 6 demos, but watching Palo Alto I noticed that they all ran over in terms of time limit. Since I don’t want to keep anyone from lunch or going home and there is a chance that the person before me might run over I decided that it was time to take a hard look at what I had and see what I could do about it.

I’ve reduced my slides down to about 15 and only 4 demos. If time allows we can certainly go into further examples, demos or simply “try something out”. Now, some may wonder how could you cut things down so much? For my presentation – “Integrated Web Content”, there is a core set of tools needed to achieve this whereas the rest is pure specific detail to fit your needs. My presentation focuses on that core set of tools needed to accomplish the task as well as some specific examples.

So now that I just emailed the presentation off, it’s time to think about all the other pieces of the puzzle.

  • Driving – been there a few times already no map needed
  • Hotel – They seemed to book up fast but got one direct in Walldorf, so I can crawl home from the pre-evening event 😉
  • Clothing – I’m taking my que from the US, most were in casual clothing, jeans, OK not so many t-shirts other than the new SDN t-shirts. I’ve heard I have one coming. The best shot I have one is here
  • Registration – OK so long taken care of
  • Gadget Fun Friday, What’s in your bag?? – Packed as always and ready to go
  • Laptop with WLAN – Yep
  • IRC Client – yep a nice small one HydraIRC

So I hope everyone is looking forward to it like I am and I hope to see many of you there at the pre-evening event in Marktstube!!

Oh and Mark – I’ve learned something about you recently and when we get there I’m buying you a drink!!

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  • (geez, was finished writing this long comment, when server error occured upon sending, hope to remember all the important parts writing it again …)

    where was I … yes, I’m arriving on Monday as well, so of course I’ll join the special evening event.

    => What time can I expect you/others to show up at the Marktstube?

    As this is my first time in Walldorf, I took the easy option and booked a hotel together with the registration, got a room at the Holiday Inn (Roter Straße in Walldorf).

    => Apart from finding my way to the Marktstube from there, what’s the best option to get to the SAP University on Tuesday/Wednesday? Are there any carpools I might stand a chance to join (from Walldorf to St. Leon)? Other suggestions?

    Ok, rest of my previous comment was just bla-bla, you can live without that 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

    • Looking forward to seeing you as well Max! We can talk about getting there on Tuesday Mmorning at Marktstube.

      As for being there, I think we said and one time 8PM or 830PM ????????????????????????

    • I will definately go to the Marktstube. From what I heard the meeting will start at about 8pm. But it seems that Craig and I will be there ealier. I know that Craig will arrive by car so perhaps he will act as a shuttle service 😉 Oh I am also interested in that option =)
      • I am bringing two people with me already so the most I could possibly fit in my car would be an additional two, like I said we can talk about Monday night. I’m direct in Walldorf Vorfelder hotel.
    • Hi all,

      there is a shuttle service leaving from Walldorf WDF01 building (former EVZ) every 20 min to Rot and back. To WDF01 it is a appr. 10 min walk from the Holiday Inn. But we can arrange some car pooling when we meet in Marktstube.