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Have you ever wanted XI template documents?

There have been many questions about XI templates on XI forum but…

Why don’t use:“ASAP Implementation Roadmap for SAP Exchange Infrastructure” 🙂 ?

You can download it directly from sapNET:

ASAP Implementation Roadmap for SAP Exchange Infrastructure
and take o look what the SAP has to say about their standard document templates on XI development.

So what we can find there:

XI Naming Conventions – a presentation on standard naming convention for XI objects (file named: – XI NamingConventions.ppt)

XI Mapping Specification – (file named: – XI Mapping Specification.xls)

Sample project scenario for “message choreography” – (file named: XIScenSpec_SampleProject_SampleScenario_V01.doc)

Sample project scenario for mapping development and testing (file named: XIContentDev_SampleProject_SampleConnection_V01.doc)
Sample project scenario for adapter configuration (file named: XIScenConf_SampleProject_SampleScenario_V01.doc)

and so much more…

Just open the zip archive and do a simple search for doc, xls and power point files:)

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  1. Former Member
    The link “ASAP Implementation Roadmap for SAP Exchange Infrastructure” does not work.

    I don´t know if other days does, but today don´t…  🙁

    Thanks for de info anyway.

      1. Former Member
        any way i am trying today once again…hope i get it…one more thing michel…i dont have the XI system set up…does SAP provide any play around system access to learn and explore XI.
      1. Former Member
        I tried several times to download. I had success once and after unzipping it was like a garbage. Iam trying to download again and its throwing me page not found message. Could someone send me this file thru please ?

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