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SDN Meets – Palo Alto, a remote view

Yesterday I raced home, why? Well for one reason I wanted to logon and connect to the Webcast: and login to the IRC chat (more SDN Live from Palo Alto).

Part of me wanted to check out our competition, the other part wanted to see what was being presented and said.

When I got there I found myself online in chat with several SDNers including some sitting there waiting for the conference to start up. For photos and screenshots from the webcast/conference check out flickr


For the most part we were quiet though, I think the fact that the “big dog”, Shai, and showing his full support just made you sit back and think for awhile. That together with a short conversation that I had with some of the others in the IRC regarding SDN itself, or more so it’s memebers. Well that just all made me realize that this is a community…

Not only is this a community but it’s one that promotes friendship, Foxy ISO SDN 4 LTR and most important a sense of belogning and helping your fellow man. OK enough of my sappy philosophy!

I’ve got one point to make and that is this, SDN exists because we make it and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last two years (yep 2 years this month I’ve been working with SAP stuff) is that anyone can learn, participate and help. So I’m calling out to all of you silent watchers, lurkers and members -> click the link, answer the questions and post your weblogs. SAP wants this community to be better than the Java Community I say it already is but let’s show the rest of the world!!!!

Ok I’m done ranting now…

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  • Yes, the videofeed was very good, and it was an excellent experience to be part of the event across many thousands of kilometers and timezones. As Craig said, SDN is everything about community, which means participation!

    Thomas: liked your presentation, we will seriously have to talk to Mark to give you double time for the next event!

      • Not just Matthias and myself.  Several others later in the day faced the same problem.  The very good presentation about Nike was another one that had to be rushed to finish up.  I have a feeling that for the future an hour might be a better time alotment. 
        • I wasn’t able to stay up so long 🙁 some of us need more than 3 hours of sleep 😉

          I really wanted to to see the Nike one though. I’m waiting for them to all be posted on SDN TV.

          • I’m revising my presentation now and cutting it down a bit to ensure I don’t run over. Or just in case the one before me runs over a bit. I’d rather it be 10 mins to short than 5 mins over especially since I’m the last SDN presentation for the conference.
          • The curse of going first I guess – I had no time to adjust my presentation.  Of course it would have helped if I had read the time on the door correctly. 🙂

            But there is almost no way to account for the number and quality of the questions that are being asked in the sessions.  This is great overall, but difficult for a presenter to know how to manage the time. 

          • Actually we did let Thomas run over a couple of minutes, but we didn’t want to get out of sync with the other room either, which would not be fair for the next speakers …

            But I admit, there should be more time per session. The downfall is, that fewer sessions will be possible.

            Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

    • The only thing I missed was some way of getting to view the presentation while watching the feed. Not sure how to solve it technically though.
      • That could probably be helped in the future by having the sessions on-line in advance.  Then someone could at least follow along from home. 

        However I have seen web conferences where you see the live video feed and the presenters desktop.  That would be the best – especially for those of use that do live demos in our presentation.