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Publish Messages in TIB from XI


IDOC to DB through XI is the scenario. Challenge here was when ever a particular set of IDOC gets triggered, its corresponding key fields along with other details has to be routed to TIB Rv from XI. Also the data has to be updated simultaneously in both the DB and RV.


There are several ways to publish data in to TIB Rv from XI. One of the approaches was to write a user defined function and passing the required information in to TIB through mapping in XI. User defined function written using Java SDK for TIB Rv will push the data in to TIB Rv. User defined function will connect to the TIB Rv Server and get connect to that daemon to publish the message in a particular subject. Subject name for publishing the data is picked up from a lookup file.

Steps involved:

1.Develop java code with a function which takes the input for all the parameters for publishing messages in TIB Rv such as the service, network, daemon, subject and message.
2. Test the code as a standalone application from XI server connecting to a daemon in the network.
3. At this stage all the necessary jar and dll files will be in place.
4. Then make the jar file of java and class file of the standalone application and import the same into XI as imported archive.
5. Map all the value required for sending the message such as the service, network and daemon along with subject.
6. Test the mapping which will push the data into TIB.
Finally “Do not forget to activate your changes”.


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    • Hi Sriram,

         We can subscribe to TibRv Messages by invoking the Client proxies (Java). Invocation of the client proxies can be handled by building an application using TIB Rv SDK for java. which will basically act as TIB-Rvlisten.

      Good Luck.


  • 1) Is it possible to perform the transactional properties – like rollbacking both in rendevous and DB

    2) how to confirm the Delivery modes ( whether is Guarnteed delivery or not )

    • Hi Karthik,
         Sorry for the delay in responding to your query. This scenario is been done for reliable message delivery and this weblog gives a way in posting messages through XI. We have iWay provided off the shelf adapter for TIB, if we want to capitalise on all the functionality of TIB.

         Please let me know if you have queries.

  • Vedavyas,
    I want to know how you have configured your XI to talk to Tibco RV. I am trying to do reveral of what you have done. I would like to read RV message and send it to SAP. ie., RV->XI->SAP. What is the transport protocol you have used. Can you send me your communication configuration.
    • Hi Dhanu,
         Sorry for the delayed response. Got stuck in some other work. The best thing to do is use iWay provided TIB adapter. Which i havent configured. But you can always write a small java program which can read RV messages and use other SAP provided adapter to read the message and process it further.
          If you have TIBCO BW in your environment then we can another solution aswell.
      Good Luck.
  • HI.

    I need to fetch few records from TIBCO to SAP by RFC.I will give Batch# as input parameter,If its avaialble in TIBCO i need to fetch corresponding datas.So i will create RFC.which logic i need to put in soucre code of function module?i dont know abt i can fecth from TIBCO ,any table and fields there?
    pls clrify me.


  • Hi,

    I am trying to execute the above scenario but i’m getting the below mentioned error upon execution:
    java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library not found: tibrvnativesd

    I have provided the tibrv\bin location to the path in Windows enviornment also.