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This time I’d like to show you the ways to eliminate the “Unable to convert the sender service to an ALE logical system” error
(one of the most popular in XI – more than 50 post dealing with it).

At first we should check if our Logical System Name is correctly maintained in the SLD:

a) go to the SLD – Technical system -> Client number -> Logical System Name
and make sure your business system name is there


Then we have import the LS name to the XI Directory:

b) go to your Business System -> Service -> Adapter Specific Identifiers (as shown below)


c) import the business system name from the SLD using the “Compare with SLD” button


Activate the changes and you can check your if your configuration works.

If still you face the same problem (as it was in my case) and your XI is <= SP10 then it might be someting else:

a) go to the TCODE: SXI_CACHE and check your Receiver Agreements

b) find the one that’s causing the problem and check if the header mapping is visible (if you’ve configured it in your BPM)

c) if not… then probably you’ll need to implement OSS note: 791181 (which deals with an error caused by a header mapping)

Hope this weblog might be helpful when dealing with that “strange” issue:)

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  1. Former Member
    I spent a whole day working on a file to IDOC scenario and got the same error. In fact mine was a bit different. It said “receiver service cannot be converted to an ALE logical system”.However i had missed specifying the logical system name in SLD. Now it works like a breeze ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Michal , ur weblog list is in “My Favorites”

    1. Michal Krawczyk Post author
      thx Saravana :)))

      I’m realy happy to hear that:)

      I don’t want to waste the tips given on the “xi forum” by different people so sometimes I’ll try to write a weblog on the most popular errors ๐Ÿ™‚
      the ones that also make my life more difficult for a few hours:) 


  2. Former Member
    thanks for this weblog, I spent three hours after I changed the logical system in the SLD and the configuration object did not update it, although I refreshed all existing caches. Very user-unfriendly implementation by SAP in this case, the most important button ‘Compare with SLD’ has no text label, and is not even visible in view-mode !

    Thanks again !

  3. Michal
            I read your tip here in this weblog. I have a File –> Xi — IDOC->R/3 bus.system scenario

    My question is : what is the logical system partner number that I should maintain in the R/3 business system partner profile ? Is it the business system service representing the R/3 system in SLD ? If I maintain this partner profile of type LS with this partner, is my inbound idoc going to processed with the appropriate processing code ?

  4. Former Member
    I tried everything you specified here in your blog, But still I face the same problem. We are on SP16…

    Any help is really appreciated

    Ravi Nangunoori

  5. Former Member
    here I have some small solution for other problem of the same error message.
    I have this scenario – IDOC -> BPM -> File
    And I have got message that Integration Process cannot be changed into logical system.
    You can solve this problem by running report IDX_NOALE on XI where you will tel that you don’t want to get acknowledgement of some IDOCs back to R/3 system. You can use this link if you have SP level<10.

    I hope this help

  6. Former Member
    I have a situation where I have multiple services all between 2 systems, one of them being ECC and other say XX1. So when I try to actually assign a logical system XX1 to these service which host the channels to XX1, it only lets me assign it to one of them. How can one work around this?

    P.S. – It’s not possible to put all of them under the same service because each require a different CC with different configurations and even though I can maintain that, it will lead to conflicts in the Receiver Agreements

  7. Former Member
    I am trying to use a Business Service between SCM and ERP and got this error while testing. On the Business service definition, am I supposed to specify a communication channel or would I only specify the LS names in the Adapter-specific identifier screen? I have defined a communication channel and defined the LS there currently and system will not allow me to also specify LS information in the Adapter-specific screen.

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