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Introduction :-

Webdynpros or JspDynpage are used for UI development in NetWeaver and has their own distinct advantages.I felt of comparing them in terms of dis similarities.This article is a simple approach of comparing the required functionalities between these two.




UI technology

Portal Component

Development environment for creating UI.


Extends JspDynpage class

Model driven Architecture.



Model View Controller


No standard format

Through Development components

User control



When to Use

Not for Rapid Development.

Rapid development

Dynamic controls

Not Supported


Page Reloading

Reloads whole Page

Reloads only particular component for Eg Table page of data when click of “Next” button.

Client Side Validation

Can be done using JavaScript.

User has to take care using Message manager class.

Browser Independent Capability

Low level, probably bound to Java/J2EE standard.

Highly efficient.

Event handling

Basic handling supported by JSP/Servlet. Advanced event handling has to be taken  care by programmer.

Both Basic and Advanced level of event handling has to be taken care by developers.

Session Management

Easy. Handled by Programmer.

Handled by programmer.

Deployment Descriptor file Management

It is done through entry in portalapp.xml


GUI for UI Elements

Not possible

Possible. Drag and drop features makes coding easier.

Support to HtmlB


Not Possible


Possible. You can use your own .css in   jsp file. Else from EP also it is possible.

Totally depends on EP

Personalization of iviews.


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  1. Bertram Ganz
    Hi Guru,

    thanks for this compact comparison table. One correction from my side:

    In Web Dynpro the session management is totally handled by the Web Dynpro Java Runtime and not by the application developer. This is a fundamental simplification and another feature for avoiding programming errors.

    Regards, Bertram


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