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When SAP was founded 1972 by five former IBM employees, nobody could predict that it was going to be the most successfull german and third largest software company of the world. It’s business software dominates the nerve-system of more than 30.000 companies world-wide, and it is far of reach of any competitors. At the same time SAP is seen, unlike some large database companies or other competitors, as a company quite nice to deal with.

This series of weblogs shall deal with another side of SAP: the humorous aspect. Not only will I regularly tell you anecdotes from board- and other hig ranking members, but also about hilarious situations with customers and partners, the ever-funny discussions in the SAP-internal forum “Infoboerse” and OSS messages that deserve to be preserved.

Let me start with an anecdote of one of SAP’s most outstanding founders: Hasso Plattner. Long-term CEO and visionary founder, now in the supervisory board. His impulsive and passionate way of leading SAP to its success is legendary. The following anecdote confirms that impression:

Once in a meeting, Hasso was quite annoyed. Be it cold coffee served to him or the quite unpleasant facts, Hasso became more and more angry. Finally he yelled: “…and if you aren’t going to do as I said, you are all fired!”. He left the meeting room with angry steps and slammed the door. Everybody in the room was quite shocked and flabbergasted, looked at each other and nobody said a word. After ten seconds the very same door opened, Hasso’s head appeared and had him say: “Strong exit, wasn’t it?”

More anecdotes can be found in the Humour@SAP weblog series.

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  1. Former Member
    You made it on Toastmasters too!
    I think a good story will be to talk about his cars, you certainly know he has a small collection in Palo Alto, but maybe he will fire you if you say his Aston Martin stainless steel exhaust pipe costs around $15,000..

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