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+Before you begin!

After the installation of SAP WAS 6.40 Java the Internet Graphics Service (IGS) requires some additional configuration to

work properly. If you would have trouble in using Business Graphics in you landscape, especially a picture of broken

pie-chart labeled “Graphics Rendering Problem” check configuration of WebDynpro runtime.

    • open the Visual Administrator,
    • log on to your server,
    • navigate to Server -> Services -> Configuration Adapter -> webdynpro -> ->



The data types for the context elements are:

Sales1 double
Sales2 double
Sales3 double
SalesCategoryName string
categoryCount integer
Title string

Now go the View layout and implement the layout elements according to following picture.


Let’s stop for a minute at the BusinessGraphics UI element. As you see there are some additional elements below it which

you can’t add like other UI elements. These are the Category2 and Series1-3 element. To add them right click the

BusinessGraphics1 element and select “Insert Category” or “Insert Series” menu item. You can add one Category element and

multiple Series elements. When inserting Series, choose the SimpleSeries type.

Now we have to bind the View’s Context attributes to the View elements. In the example bindings are listed here.

+(please notice, that id’s of the elements of newly created elements can be different than those listed below, however,

you can set them up yourself)+

Element id Property Context element
Tray0_Header Text ChartTitle
InputField2 Value Size
BusinessGraphics1 seriesSource ChartData
Category2 description ChartData.SalesCategory
Series1 value ChartData.Sales1
Series2 value ChartData.Sales2
Series3 value ChartData.Sales3

You might also want to configure other properties for some elements. For example type something in the “label” property of

the Series1-3 elements. And be sure to check different possibilities given to you by the “chartType” and “dimension”

properties of BusinessGraphics1. You can create at least a dozen of different charts in this example only by changeing

these properties.

Now we are almost set, but… we have to supply some data to the BusinessGraphics element. I have implemented simple Java

code for the Component Controller which provides some random data into the context.

+Notice, that the code above is just an excerpt from the whole Component Controller Java implementation. You have to

merge it with existing implementation in your application.+

In my example application there is also one simple line of code for the Action of Button1 element

Now you are ready to run the application on your own. While experimenting, I’ve managed to create a cool WebDynpro

rainbow. ๐Ÿ™‚


Now a question arises – how to use it in real-life ? Consider the simplest situation – you have a standard WebDynpro

application having a Model, Controller and some Views. Usually you should be able to bind the model data trough Controller

Context to the Category and Series as in the example above. If you would run into a situation, when model data is not

exactly the data you want to display or the data straight from the models renders strangely in the chart consider

providing your own Value node and attributes based on the model using supply functions I described in the Weblog Supply functions in WebDynpro.

Have fun using BusinessGraphics and experimenting with different chart types.

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  1. Hi,

    I followed the same what you have specified in weblog.When I try to run this example I am getting Graphics rendering problem.How to debug that?Could you please help me in this?


    1. Hello,

      have You followed the “Before you begin” section ?
      It seems that your WAS installation is not fully configured.


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  3. Former Member
    Hi ,

    I need to generate graphs for some data in NWDS. Is it possible to do that by using business graphics? Is there any option to generate, view save the graphs that we generate using Business graphics.Please help me out.

    thanks and regards,
    Gaurav Bhardwaj

  4. Former Member

    i have a scenario in which i have to call a RFC by clicking on the series lines of Business graphics.  Input for the RFC will be categorie desciption of the Business graphic.Please suggest on this.



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