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We had some interesting experiences while monitoring the applications in SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0 Service Pack 5.

There are several functionalities available under Portal Monitoring in SAP EP 5.0. In this weblog, I will be discussing two important features available in Portal Monitoring namely.

      1. Component Overview
      2. User Overview

Component Overview


The data displayed under Portal Monitoring is a cumulative in nature. To illustrate the same, let us take a component by the name “My Component”. This component is a general application which will be accessed by all users of the Portal. We want to monitor this component on a daily basis for stats like Number of hits on this component, Average Gross Time and Average Net Time. To find out these values we have to log on to individual Portal Servers (if you have multiple Portal Servers) with Portal Admin rights. The data (No of Calls) displayed is cumulative i.e. if we are monitoring it today 13th Feb 2005, the data displayed against “My Component” is 4500, when we monitor it on 14th Feb 2005, it will show a value which is total of yesterday’s call and today’s calls (4500 + today’s calls). If some one wants to find the exact number of calls on 14th Feb 2005, we need to both previous day’s value and the day’s value to take a difference and arrive at each day’s call.

Ideally it would be simple if we have only one Portal Server, unfortunately in a production setup we end up having multiple Portal Servers to monitor( SAP EP 5.0, SAP J2EE is not clustered), and hence we would have to log on to each Portal Server with Admin rights to retrieve these values, which is a painful and a time consuming process. Just visualize the kinda effort we need to put in, to get these stats if we have 8 Servers and 20 applications. You would probably end up doing this tedious task for the whole day.

This data will get refreshed only when the SAP J2EE of the respective Portal Server is restarted.

Best way to tackle this, is to have a spreadsheet with the values of no of calls, net time, gross time on each component on a day to day basis, then only we can find the exact No of Calls, Average Net Time, Average Gross Time etc.

Hope all these above issues will be solved in the newer versions of SAP EP.

I will continue with features of User Overview in part 2 of this weblog

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