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How to Customize PCUI

style=”>                                      style=’font-style:normal’>How to customize CRM PCUI

In most of the CRM4.0 implementations it is mandatory to customize PCUI.

This weblog gives the overview of the People Centric User Interface (PCUI) and the tools available for customization.

This helps as a starting point for PCUI customization. style=””> 

PCUI is an intuitive, Internet-like user interface that runs within SAP Enterprise Portal.

It is delivered as a business package for portal. There are different business packages available for EP5 and EP6 respectively.

For details about business package refer


SAP note 651550 gives full details about all required software download and installation guide information.


These business package consist of set of pre defined roles and relevant content assigned for each role.

style=””> We can divide the available iViews in to three major categories as BSP iViews, Java iViews and BW iViews.

In this weblog we will discuss only about BSP iViews.


BSP iViews are based on CRM BSP Framework. These BSP applications are available as external service in the CRM system.

gives the list of available BSP applications in the EP6 business package for CRM 4.0.


To customize these BSP Applications we have to use Blueprint Application Builder (BAB) and CRM Designer.

BAB is available in the CRM system. Transaction crmc_blueprint is the customizing workbench for PCUI.

BAB can be accessed from the above transaction. BAB requires CRM Designer to modify BSP application screens.

style=””> CRM designer is stand-alone software, which has to be installed on the desktop. We can download it from

-> SAP CRM -> SAP CRM 4.0 -> Binary Patches -> CRM DESIGNER -> Win32


It’s more like GUI-XT, which we use to customize R/3 screens. BAB will transfer data about the BSP application as XML,

style=””> which CRM designer keeps locally and uses to modify screens. We can customize the screens in the CRM Designer.

It is a user-friendly tool provides the ability to modify the screen design by just clicking and dragging the fields.

After modification modified xml data has to be saved back in CRM system through BAB.

In my next web log we will take a sample application and explain in detail about using BAB and CRM Designer.


If the standard roles available in the business package doesn’t match your organizations requirement we can modify or create new roles an assign the contents to them. For details,

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