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SDN is pleased to introduce new and improved search capabilities this week. The new search affords our users a more powerful tool for finding the knowledge they need in SDN.   Try the enhanced simple search and advanced search on SDN and check out these great new features:


Search All Sources

The SDN search can now simultaneously search all sources, including the SDN Document Library, eLearning, Weblogs, and Downloads. (The simple search defaults to this option.) However, if desired, you may still specify and limit your search to a particular source.


New, Comprehensive Search Results

New features include:


  • Rendering by resource-type (e.g. How-to Guide, eLearning media, forum thread)
  • A ‘View as HTML’ feature, which enables you to preview documents, regardless of format, as HTML
  • A ‘See also’ feature, which relates additional items you might find useful


Improved Performance

The new search is quicker, and delivers enhanced integration of free-text and property search – that means better, more targeted results!


Updated User Interface

We’ve changed the look of the search results pages to accommodate all the great new features, and to make it easier for you to take in the findings. We’ve also updated the Advanced Search page to help you construct the most efficient search. For example, your search options now stay visible above the results, making it simpler to refine your query.


The search functionality was built using SAP NetWeaver™ Knowledge Management, continuing the uniquely SDN tradition of developing our site using the systems and components on which our content is focused.


This is the first major overhaul to the SDN search capability, and we want to know what you think! Please use this Weblog as a vehicle for your feedback: Tell us what you like about the new interface and functionality, what might be lacking, and offer your suggestions for additional steps we could take to further improve our search.


We really do listen!




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  1. At the time this weblog was published, the search did not work with Mozilla, I tried again now, and it works(obviously there were some changes):
    Great job!

    I haven’t done extensive testing, just a few quick runs, but it’s much better now, especially choosing the category where to search for.


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