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List of Profile Parameters

The below screen shot displays the default parameters after a fresh installation of WAS 6.40.These Parameters are stored in the

Parametername = Value


Every installation of new applications like EP, XI etc manipulates these profile parameters.

List of Profile Parameters

 List of Profile Parameters

Creating Parameters

After instalation of the cryptographic library, few security parameters needs to be added on the profiles for WAS engine to understand and enable the SSL service.

Parameters can be created using create parameter tab. Parameter name and the parameter values are specified in the resulting screen as shown.

Create Profile parameters

Adding parameters

List of new Parameters

Screen shot of the profile after the addition of SSL parameters is displayed below.

Update Profile parameters

Saiving the Profile

The modified profile needs to be saved and activated for these new parameters to reflect. SAP system will create a new version of profile before saving it.

The Web application server has to be restarted for any changes in the profile to be activated. Once the server is restarted the services will be activated.

Copy Profile

HTTPS Service in ICM

Once the Web Application server is restarted the HTTPS service will be activated.

This can be verified by viewing the services option in ICM Monitor, transaction


is used for the same.

The screen shot below depicts the same.

 ICM Monitor-Service Display

ICM Monitor-Service Display

PSE and SSL nodes in Trust Manager

Further once HTTPS service is enabled the trust manager diplays the client and the server SSL nodes.

The certificates are installed here for the Web application server to communicate with other servers using HTTPS connection.

Trust Manager


These installations / configurations will successfully install / enable the SSL and HTTPS service on the Web Application server.

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