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WAS is the Application Platform for the SAP NetWeaver stack.All the components in the SAP NetWeaver Integration Layers Architecture run on WAS.Oracle Application Server 10g also comes with the corresponding components. Hence we should compare these components with respect to their capabilities.

People Integration
Portal SAP EP runs on WAS and provides the SSO access to all the enterprise applications based on the roles and the authentication. Users can be granted the personalization facility. OracleAS Portal comes packaged with Oracle Application server.Users can be granted access to environment for there own customization and personalization. OracleAS Personalization which is component of Business Intelligence and Forms is the feature which comes with the Oracle Application Server 10g using which personalized web pages for users can be generated.
Collaboration It deals with the communication and cooperation among business processes and bring together members in different project groups by means of Virtual Rooms , Portals with mail and scheduling service, Chat and Application Sharing and by means of third party groupwares. Available through Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g in the form of Web conferencing, email, voicemail,, content management etc.Helps in collaboration of groups or individuals in real time.
Multi Channel Access This deals with providing the access to the enterprise systems through various connection modes like web conferencing ,mobile,messaging, voice or radio frequency technology. SAP NetWeaver has a very secure Mobile Infrastructure for enabling mobile applications. It provides the access from any channel from anywhere to any user to the required information depending upon his authorizations. Oracle Application Server 10g comes with the feature called as OracleAS Wireless providing an integrated set of capabilities enabling multichannel mobile access,including voice,to applications.

Information Integration
Business Intelligence SAP BI Provides the support for decision making by analyzing ,integrating and distributing the timely information at all times. It provides various reliable tools for the creation of interactive reports and the applications. Oracle Application Server 10g comes with following BI services.

  • OracleAS Discover:ad-hoc query and analysis tools
  • OracleAS Forms Services:can build applications that provide interactive graphical interface for data entry with support for data validation.
  • OracleAS Reports Services:used to create high quality printed and web based reports.
  • OracleAS Personalization
Knowledge Management Provides access to the unstructured information in the form of documents in distributed storage landscape. Provides the functions like Search,Classification ,Construction of Taxonomies,Check in/Check out,Subscription ,Versioning,Discussion Forums. Provides the feature in Portal called OmniPortlet which has the features for building portlets rendering data in various formats like charts ,forms,tables and bullet lists from different data sources like web services,XML data ,spreadsheets. Provides specialized adapters for Omniportlets called Searchlets making easy to search and publish content from search systems and content management systems.
Master Data Management SAP MDM supports the unified data storage across the branches of the enterprise in consistent manner irrespective of the System locations,Vendors . It supports the distributed data storage in consistent manner.Also supports the Enterprise Data Center.

Process Integration
Integration Broker SAP XI permits the integration of potentially different components by facilitating the communication between them which is XML/SOAP based. Following objects can be defined : Integration Scenarios,Mappings,Interfaces , Integration Processes. OracleAS InterConnect is used to integrate applications from Oracle,other software providers or custom—built applications using message-oriented middleware.Based on modeling
Business Process Management It spans across following areas

  • #SAP Business Workflow:Controlling Business Processes in application systems.
  • #Controlling Integration Processes using SAP XI
  • # Controlling ad-hoc workflows using Universal Work Lists(UWL) in EP.
OracleAS ProcessConnect is used to enable Business Process Integration.This integration can extend beyond internal business processes to suppliers,partners and customers. Oracle Workflow for java (OW4J) provides Workflow Builder and Workflow Engine which be used with OracleAS InterConnect to enable execution of events in specific order.Business Event System provides Java API for propagating events.Process Monitor to view and administer events.Workflow Manager monitors system metrics and processes,and configures and monitors notification mailers.

References : Website : Book : Oracle Application Server 10g Essentials.
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  1. Mark Finnern
    Hi Avid,

    When I was reading your comparison I thought there are a lot of buzz words in there and it somehow didn’t all end up.

    Especially to put Oracle Warehouse Builder in the category of Master Data Management looks like you were trying to fill an otherwise empty space in the Oracle column. Not that I have any knowledge of the Oracle solution, just the description doesn’t fit to Master Data Management.

    Totally at the end after reading the fine print it all came together when I realized, that your reference is our help site and an Oracle book.

    That is like comparing BMW and Mercedes cars from their brochures. Feature comparison doesn’t tell you how well the components fit together, how precise the integration of the gearbox with the transmission is working. You have to drive them to really get the difference.

    All the best, Mark.

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Mark,
      This was my first blog.I was trying to map the fetures of the two.In future I will definitely try to give the real life comparison.

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