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Need for Comparison :

In SAP NetWeaver stack application platform is provided by the Web Application Server. All the components of the SAP NetWeaver stack run on WAS. Similarly Oracle Application Server is the application platform for Oracle’s technology stack.So we should know the similarities and differences between the two.

Open System Architecture :


  • J2EE certified
  • Web Services support.
  • Platform independent
  • Highly scalable and reliable

Oracle Appliation Server :

  • J2EE certified.Its development is focused as a single source-code model
  • Web Services Web Services support
  • The features are consistent across platforms for implementations, hence companies can migrate to various hardware vendors and operating systems while leveraging investments in Oracle Technology , hence platform independent
  • Highly scalable and reliable
    S.NO Feature Description SAP WAS 6.4 Oracle Application Server 10 g
    Java Programming Model
    1 J2EE Support Full Support to J2EE 1.3 Full J2EE1.3 Support through Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE(OC4J10g(10.1.2))and J2EE1.4 support through OC4J10g(10.1.3)Developer Preview.
    2 XML Support XML Support Full XML Support
    Other Programming Languages
    3 Support for other languages Full support for ABAP Has a core component Oracle HTTP Server which gives the for languages like C, C++, PL/SQL,PERL,Java
    Web Services
    4 Full Web Services Support Yes Yes.

    • Stateless EJBs as Web Services
    • PL/SQL stored procedures as Web Services
    • JMS topics and queue as document-style Web Services
    • Java classes as RPC or document-style Web Services
    5 Private UDDI registry support Yes Yes. Supports publishing and Query with UDDI and typed and untyped SOAP message with SOAP header access via an API
    6 Testing the Web Services Yes Yes. A dynamic WSDL tester is provided to create web based clients and simplify the testing of Web Services during development
    Database Support
    7 JDBC Support Yes. Using JDBC ,all popular databases can be accessed by using corresponding drivers.Also shipped with MaxDB. Yes. Uses Oracle’s JDBC Drivers and supports relational as well as object relational data.OC4J supports both Oracle and non Oracle JDBC Drivers.Some examples of non Oracle Databases : IBM DB2 UDB,Microsoft SQL Server,Informix and Sybase
    8 Connection Pooling Yes.Using Visual administrator it is taken care of. Yes.Provides the facility to allocate the resource adapter instances by caching them in a pool and checking the connections in or out as per requirement.
    Application Development
    9 Ease of Development Application Development is very easy .SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is Eclipse based IDE,hence development is facilitated. This provides different perspectives for different types of projects which can be deployed on J2EE Engine. Easy Application Development. Uses Oracle JDeveloper as a part of Oracle Developer Suite , which can create Java applications that are deployed on an Oracle Application Server Platform. Provides various wizards to create Java and J2EE objects and project types.e.g.

    • A Data Form wizard.
    • A beans wizard for creating Java Beans and BeanInfo classes
    • A deployement wizard providing one-click deployement of J2EE applications to OC4J instances by caching them in a pool and checking the connections in or out as per requirement.
    10 Debugging Support Yes. Yes.
    11 MVC Support Yes.Facility to create the models for RFCs,Web Services,UML Models etc Yes.Web Services and UML Modeling
    12 Testing Tools Support Yes. Yes.
    Web Server Support
    13 HTTP Server Yes. Yes. It is based on the Apache Web Server which handles incoming HTTP requests and can serve as proxy server.
    14 Web Server plug ins Yes. Yes.
    15 Basic Authentication and Authorization Yes. Yes.
    16 Support for JAAS Yes. Yes.
    17 SSO Yes. Yes.
    18 Identity Management Yes. Yes.
    19 SSL support Yes. Yes.
    20 X.509 certificates Yes. Yes.
    Platform Support
    21 Platforms Microsoft Windows(2000,NT,XP),Linux,IBM AIX,Sun Solaris,HP-UX Windows ,RedHat and SuSE Linux and Unix platforms like HP Compaq Tru64,HP/UX , IBM AIX , and Sun Solaris .
    Application Connectivity
    22 JCA Support Yes. Yes.
    23 JDBC Support Yes. Yes.
    24 EJB CMP and Session Beans Support Yes. Yes.
    Performance, Scalability, Availability ,Third Party support
    25 Performance
    Yes. Yes.High Performance throough OracleAS Web Cache,Java Object Cache and Web Object Cache
    26 Third Party tools and plug-ins support Yes. Yes.
    27 Logging Support Yes. Yes.
    Administration,Monitoring,Workload Management
    28 Remote Administration Yes.Through Visual administrator. Yes.Through Oracle Enterprise Manager.
    29 Clustering Support Yes.Throough Visual Administrator and Enqueue Server Yes.Through Application Server Control

    In Part II I will discuss about People,Information and Process Integration.

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