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This is my first blog on sdn! I will be discussing the Table UI element in WebDynpro. Tables are a very powerful feature provided in Web Dynpro, but they are sometimes a bit difficult for beginners to grasp. I too struggled with them for many a days, to make them work. This blog is a one stop crash course in Dynpro Tables for beginners in Web Dynpro. Lets start off.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Harsh,
    This blog is good.It gives good knowledge about the overall table handling in WebDynpro and capabilities of this powerful UI element.
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Mattias,
          It is possible to set properties for individual rows and cells in a table. As “enable/disable” is a property, it can be set for one row(or cell) without causing the entire table to become enabled/disabled. For more details on how to do this refer to the heading “Properties of a Table” in this blog. Do let me know if you face any problems.
  2. Former Member
    Changing table cell editors programmatically is possible, see IWDTableColumn.setTableCellEditor(IWDTableCellEditor).

    Different cell editors in a single column will be available soon.

    Disabling single table rows is also possible: Add a boolean attribute “rowEnabled” to the table’s data source node and bind the “enabled”-property of all cell editors to this attribute. If you set “rowEnabled” to false in node element #i, the table row #i will be disabled.


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