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It is getting tougher and tougher to be part of the Top 50 SDN Contributors. Actually today for the first time you need more then 500 points to be listed. We will introduce some new reports soon, but until then I thought I list you the top 100 and it takes 278 SDN points to be part of this list.

What are these points good for besides ranking? Well, if you are listed in this Weblog you get in for free to any one of the  SAP NetWeaver Technology Tour events. Now if you are in the top 10 of SDN, you can even bring a friend with you, who gets in for free too.

But you may think. What if I present at any of these events? I get in for free anyhow. This doesn’t help me? Well if you present and are in the top 100 you can bring a friend too.

Therefore you may want to hook up with Thomas Jung, not only is he in the top 10, but he will also present at the SDN Meets Labs in Palo Alto. He has two spaces on his bus to give away if he likes to.

Fine print: We would like to see you at one of the events, therefore you can’t send someone else at your behalf. We did not announce this beforehand, because we just want to honor the consistent contribution of the top SDN Contributors. Next round we may think of something else.

If you didn’t make the cut, don’t despair. For Walldorf/Rot there is still time to send in your session proposal to with the subject line: “SDN Meets Labs Walldorf/Rot, Session Proposal” and the following information: Session Title Session Abstract.

You can also register for the SAP Meets Lab Palo Alto event, send an email with the subject line “SDN Meets Labs Palo Alto Registration” to  We have just added the first cut of the presenter and session details for the Palo Alto event. It is going to be great to meet all these SDN Developers and bring them together with the SAP developers from the respective SAP Labs location.

And a big thank you to all you Top 100(0) SDN Contributors, you are the ones that make our SDN a happening and fun place and make me get out of bed every morning with a happy face. But not tomorrow, I am taking Friday off to go to San Diego meet my futurist friends down there, to talk about where to take the Future Salon and the Accelerating Change Conference in the next years.. See you Monday.

























































































































































































































































































































































































































Rank Name Points Rank Name Points
1 Thomas Jung 5817 51 John Heutmekers 489
2 Craig Cmehil 5027 52 Charles Folwell 486
3 Detlev Beutner 3370 53 Karin Schattka 483
4 Roberto Negro 3050 54 Susanne Rothaug 480
5 Gregor Wolf 2140 55 Kavitha Bhuvaneswaran 480
6 Dagfinn Parnas 2028 56 Mario Herger 469
7 Mark Finnern 1970 57 Ivaylo Ivanov 431
8 Brian McKellar 1870 58 Kyle Lawrence 425
9 Jochen Guertler 1661 59 Daniel Wroblewski 420
10 Eddy De Clercq 1594 60 Valery Silaev 419
11 Durairaj Athavan Raja 1550 61 Srinivas Adavi 418
12 Katarina Fischer 1440 62 Richard Dano 406
13 Kathirvel Balakrishnan 1382 63 Michael Sambeth 401
14 Lutz Morrien 1380 64 Linda Wessel 400
15 Klaus Meffert 1366 65 Nablan Umar 394
16 Stefan Klensch 1347 66 Thomas Weiss 390
17 Serdar Simsekler 1320 67 Gianfranco Vallese 387
18 Marc Andrue Goodner 1265 68 Marcin Galczynski 369
19 Guru Subramanian B 1210 69 Alon Weinstein 367
20 Thilo Brandt 1204 70 Piers Harding 361
21 Poornanand Mandalika 1159 71 Sridhar Rajan Natarajan 360
22 Dirk Herzog 1052 72 Shan Jiang 360
23 Benny Schaich-Lebek 1041 73 Jan Musil 360
24 Bertram Ganz 973 74 Kartik Iyengar 360
25 Robert Davey 960 75 Sebastian Rehbach 346
26 Subramanian Venkateswaran 927 76 Dominik Witte 346
27 Matthias Zeller 920 77 Robert Chu 345
28 Siegfried Szameitat 788 78 Christian Wohlfahrt 342
29 Horst Keller 757 79 Elke Speliopoulos 340
30 Achim Hauck 745 80 Ajay Bhardwaj 339
31 Heike Guder 714 81 Markus Meisl 335
32 DJ Adams 680 82 Arpit Nigam 322
33 Armand Wilson 677 83 Markus Cherdron 318
34 Reiner Hille-Doering 663 84 Matt Kangas 312
35 Narayanaswamy Balasubramaniam 610 85 Nicholas Holshouser 309
36 Katarzyna Fecht 607 86 Frank Moebius 305
37 Ravikumar Allampallam 598 87 Bill Barthel 303
38 Oliver Stiefbold 583 88 Harald Reiter 300
39 Ulli Hoffmann 582 89 Chris Whealy 300
40 John Mackin 561 90 Artem Gratchev 300
41 Kevin Liu 551 91 Armin Reichert 291
42 Pran Bhas 546 92 Natalia Shmoilova 290
43 Inga Wiele 540 93 Darrell Merryweather 289
44 Marc Bernard 535 94 Rainer Liebisch 286
45 Marc Chan 531 95 Shehryar Khan 286
46 Rich Heilman 521 96 Karl Kessler 286
47 Robert Briese 513 97 Senthil Kumar Arumugam 284
48 Maximilian Moder 506 98 Saravana Kumar Kuppusamy 282
49 Amit Kumar Jain 501 99 prabaharan gnanasekaran 280
50 Eliad Goldwasser 500 100 Joerg Wolf 279
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  1. Former Member
    We need a “Thomas Jung”, this side of the world for presentations as well.

    Also to highlight the pace at which questions are asked and answered is amazing. Especially the ABAP forum, 15,000 posts. And sometimes, you find out there are at least 4 answers for the same question in span of 2 minutes.

    Subramanian V.

  2. Detlev Beutner
    Hi Mark,
    nice surprise ๐Ÿ™‚ And… what if someone presents /and/ is in the top 10(!)?! Can this person then bring *two* friends, too?! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Regards and hope to meet you in Rot, Detlev
    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Detlev,

      Yes, this is the idea. You are in the top 100 and you present, you can bring a friend. You are in the top 10 and present you can bring two friends.

      So who are your two friends?

      Let me know, Mark.

    1. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Gregor,

      Yes you will get vouchers. We are working out the details and your spaces are reserved, you can do your travel plans. I am super excited to see you all live and in color soon.

      Best, Mark.
      P.S. Registration in Palo Alto is done differently, so if you want to join us in Palo Alto please send your request to subject line: SDN Meets Labs Palo Alto.

      Different to popular perception, we have expanded the capacity in Palo Alto and so there are still a couple of spaces available. Hurry up.

      See you all there, Mark.

      1. Good to hear the spaces are reserved – eagerly awaiting to receiving my voucher so I can sign up ๐Ÿ™‚
        Can’t wait to so see you all as well …
  3. Former Member
    This is a great idea. However, it is not useful if you don’t really have the time to travel.

    It would be nice if SDN can cross promote with some of the SAP Press publications and give away some of the learning materials to the points system leaders according to their areas of expertise, i.e. portal books to top posters in the EP portal forum, etc.


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