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Introduction to simple (File-XI-File)scenario and complete walk through for starters(Part2)

Configuration the contents in Integration Directory

The relevant objects are structured, organized, and saved in the Integration Directory in the form of configuration objects.

The Integration Directory is structured around the cross-system task areas.
1) Collaboration profile- Specify the potential senders and receivers of messages and the technical communication paths.
2) Receiver determination and interface determination define the flow of messages in a system landscape.
3)In Sender agreement and receiver agreement you define the technical details for message processing


The Business Scenario provides you with a central point of access for all integration objects such as interfaces, mappings, software components and so on.
To address a business system from the SLD as the sender or receiver of messages in logical routing, you must define it as a service (of type Business System) in the Integration Directory.
Create a Business System,Leave the party field empty to define the service as a Service Without Party.
Make specifications that specially refer to the service as a sender or receiver.

Now create two communication channels FILESENDER AND FILERECEIVER and assign them to the service.

Assign parameters for FILESENDER and FILERECEIVER communication channel

Select the File Adapter as shown from the adapter metadata.


Configure the Sender FTP adapter to be able to send files to the Integration Server.


FTP Connection Parameters

1)Enter the host name or IP address of the FTP server.
2)Specify the port number of the FTP server. The default is the standard port for the FTP server (21).
3)Connection mode Permanent
4)Set the FTP connection transfer mode to Binary.
5)Specify the directory where the files are located
6)set the Anonymous Logon User Name and password
7)specify the folder where the file is placed
8)Specify the name of the file that you want to process.

Since the text file to the Integration Engine,comprises complex data structures that are to be converted into an XML document, choose File Content Conversion and make the required entries for conversion under Parameters for Content Conversion as shown below


Configure the Receiver File/FTP adapter to save XML messages from the Integration Server in files


Now Define Sender Agreement, where you define how the message is to be transformed so that it can be processed by the Integration Engine. A sender agreement contains a reference to a communication channel. here the communication channel to define is FILESENDER.


In your Receiver Agreement you define how the message is to be transformed so that it can be processed by a receiver. A receiver agreement contains a reference to a communication channel In this case is the FILERECEIVER


ReceiverDetermination is a Configuration object in SAP Exchange Infrastructure that describes the assignment of a sender interface and an outbound interface to one or more receivers. Select the service and save.Then in the configuration overview refresh and check for the mapping program and Receiver Agreement.


You use an Interface Determination to specify for a sender and a receiver,which inbound interface is to be used for the inbound processing of a message.
In an interface determination you define the following for the outbound interface of a sender
1)An inbound interface(FILEOUTPUT_IB)
2)An interface mapping for the outbound and inbound interface (FILEINPUT_TO_FILEOUTPUT_INTERFACE)


Save and Activate in the change list where you select your saved objects. Now the status become from Being Processed to Active.

This configuration should convert the flat file like this.


The input.txt file placed in the Test folder is being picked and deleted since the processing mode is delete.

A new file output.txt is created with time stamp in the Test folder as shown below.


This completes the scenario.Please go through various blogs posted by fellow webloggers on to the sap exchange infrastructure forum for various other scenarios.

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  • Please, I’m a newbee in XI: how could I test your weblog? I’ve implemented all your steps and now I don’t know how to execute the weblog to test operativly the file-XI-file.
    Thanks a lot,
    • Hi
      Processed XML messages can be monitored using the transaction sxi_monitor. This monitor identifies and evaluates all XML messages processed by the Integration Engine and produces processing statistics for them.the chequered flag indicates your message is being processed successfully.


      • Hi
        forgot to mention in my earlier reply.chk for your file in XI server and also your sender and receiver adapters in adapter framework.
        • Hi Venkat,

          I have performed all the steps mentioned in the web logs.However I am still unable to test the desired functionality. I am new to XI.
          You have mentioned –
          1. This configuration should convert the flat file like this.(an XML file). Where can I view this XML file ?
          2. When I goto SXI_monitor I get a popup saying “No Messages available for selection”.

          Thanks in advance,

  • can you do another weblog & give content conversion on the receiver side?  And not a simple one – according to the documentation, you can list many types of structures & then describe them for content conversion, but it doesn’t give an example to follow.  Thanks!
  • Hi,

    Thanks for the file to file scenario.

    We followed the steps as you mentioned for FILE to FILE scenario. And we suceeded for single record. When ever we mentioned multiple records in  a input file, The Integartion server is recieveing from the source and not putting in the target place.
    My Input file is looks like this:

    Kenny,George,North Beauregard street,Alexandar,Virginia,USA

    My Row field names are:

    Row.fieldNames : FirstName,MiddleName,LastName,City,Place,State,Country
    Row.fieldSeparator: ,
    Row.processConfiguration: FromConfiguration
    Row.endSeparator: ‘nl’

    Can you guide me how to write the input file?
    How to pass the multiple records??

    Thanks & Regards

      • I tried the file to file simple scenario exactly as the weblog instructions were given but I repeatedly got a message mapping error. I tried changing the different parameters in filesender file adapter, checked message mapping for errors (it is simple one to file mapping) but I could not get this scenario to work. Any suggestions?
  • Venkat,

    I have been trying to test my Client’s XI Sandbox with File2File scenario.

    The problem I am facing is in picking a file from a FTP server of the client. I have the right log-in id/password/port details but after creating the communication channel in Integration Builder, it does not seem to pick up the file from the FTP server.

    i) Am I missing anything?
    ii) Does the XI box need to be connected to the FTP server physically? Any BASIS config is required?
    iii) Can I use a local directory (c:\) or a network directory under windows (E:\ etc) to pick up the file? I actually tried doing that too but it failed to pick the file up.
    iv) Where can I monitor the failure of my scenario..I tried the Integration Monitoring but again could get any results.

    Please please help. Your inputs would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks a ton.


  • Hi Venkat,

    I was going through the scenario and fail to find an option ‘File COntent conversion’ , while defining /assigning parameters to the communiction channel.
    (I`m refering to the content conversion parameters screenshot.)

    Thanks in advance

  • I have gone through all the steps related design and configuration. My problem is how I can put the input source file into integrate server. I am not the system administrator or basis. I have XI client installed into my PC. I put the source into the machine I have access but not the machine in which XI server installed. And I spcified the URL in the communication channel. But it does not work. So I think the input source file has to be put in the machine in which the XI server installed. Then how can I do it? Thank you!  /Meiying
    • Hi,

      Generate xml of your input source and use runtime workbench, where you can place your xml payload and send it directly to the integration server.


  • Hi I want to test this scenario, I followed all the steps but I do not have ftp how can I test it without ftp I do not have any idea about runtime payload or something like that


  • hi bro, sorry to say bt this blog is bit confusing, as this is an introduction, expectation is tht it should be in more detail… but thn also nice work keep it up…