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Creating Purchase Order Idoc through XI

Blog provides a mapping template for creating purchase order Idoc through XI. It will be helpful for XI consultants who do not have SAP background. Purchase Order idoc is created through the idoc type PORDCR and message type PORDCR04.

Mapping template for PORDCR04(General):

 Mapping Template (PO)
 Mapping Template (PO)

Mapping template for PORDCR04(XI):

Mapping Template (PO)

It can be even helpful ABAP consultants who do not have exposure to MM side/Idoc to create purchase order by using the above template.

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  1. Former Member
    First let me congratulate you Ravi, on this article. Another one I remember you wrote titled “Creating Sales Order through IDoc”.
    I am a .NET/C#/Xml Architect and would want to generate the physical IDoc flat file corresponding an 850 PO e.g. ORDERS05 if I can get a typical mapping (or I will map myself). Actually we use XSLT maps as both EDI and Flat File fields are converted into XML nodes and attributes.

    Would it be possible for you to send me an actual IDoc instance in flat file, the way it is exported out of SAP by an RFC?
    I would also like to know the byte position/field width within their segment as well. We have an EDI/Xml translator and Xml/Flat file adapter. I would want to generate an actual instance of IDoc flat file with all its fields laid out at the correct positions taking guidance from your articles.
    Could you please attach the actual IDoc file in email, along with the field/segment positioning tables.

    Fakher Halim

    Software Architect
    TPG (


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