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I assume that you have some basic CCMS knowledge.

The first thing you have to do is to create an alert category and configure its recipients. This is described in referred URL. However – it only shows how to create a very simple alert category having constant alert message text. When CCMS calls the function module which creates the alert, it supplies it’s own text. To use it, check the “Dynamic Text” checkbox on yours Alert Category’s Properties tab.

CCMS allows you to monitor multiple SAP systems in one place. Connecting the CCMS flexibility and fast delivery possibilites of Alert Management allows you to shorten response times for business critical situaltions in your system landscape.

To use ALM in CCMS, a CCMS method has to be created. To do this, go to transaction code RZ21, choose “Method definitions” and “Display overview”.


This will list available CCMS methods. They are mostly function module calls, but not only. Those methods can be used as data collection, auto reaction (this one is of our interest) and analysis. Find the CCMS_Send_Alert_to_ALM method, check the box beside it and select Copy (or press Shift+F8). Then enter name for new method – like Z_xxxxxx – and confirm.


Next step is to set the Alert Category that will be used. Navigate to Parameters tab and correct the parameter value for name “CATEGORY”. The name of the category for the method has to be exactly the same as defined in ALRTCATDEF.


Last thing that has to be set is to release the method for Auto-Reaction. It is done on the Release tab. This step is usually forgotten. If you don’t do it, you won’t be able to select the method in CCMS.


Now, when you have the method for CCMS, few simple standard things have to be done.

  • Go to transaction RZ20
  • Select desired monitor from the list
  • Select desired node to link the alert, click “Properties”
  • Double click MTE class name or go to Methods page – depends if you want to assign the alert to whole MTE class or just this single node
  • Click Display<->Change
  • Navigate to Auto-Reaction (either field or tab)
  • Input the name of newly created method
  • Click Save
  • And you’re done.

Have in mind that you have to create a new method for each alert category you want to use.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Marcin,

    I was going through your weblog. I have configured CCMS on my system, and can see alerts in RZ20.I’ve followed all the steps exactly as your weblog, but no alerts are sent to the Alert Inbox.
    Any ideas what might be wrong?

  2. Former Member
    Thanks for your Blogs. They are very helpful.

    I tried to trigger a Custom Alert category from a CCMS alert.

    From RZ20 (Alert Display) the status remains ACTION_REQUIRED for about 5 minutes. When status changes automatically to ACTIVE, I check ALRTDISP and no custom alert haw been forwarded to the Alert Inbox.

    In case that I execute the method manually (RZ20-Alert Display-Edit-Nodes-StartMethods->Start Auto Reaction ) everything is OK. The custom alert goes to the alert inbox. My system is :
    SAP_BASIS 640 – SAPKB64019

    Do you have any idea about what is missing?
    Thanks again


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