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This is a really short web log only containing a couple of messages.

First of all, I want to introduce [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] to you. He’s a fine colleague of mine, working in the same team as I. This young (compared to me;-)) whiz kid has a bright and refreshing way of looking at things. That’s why I’m happy that I could convince him to become a blogger too. His Integrating barcodes in webpages. deals with creating barcodes in a nifty and easy way.

Dries led me to discover “The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” a.k.a H2G2, which is a trilogy in five (yes, 5, it isn’t a typo) parts by Douglas Adams. This hilarious story, which was adapted by Douglas Adams from his radio series, concerns an Earthling, Arthur Dent, who wakes up one morning to find the council preparing to demolish his home. That same day, the alien Vogons demolish the planet Earth to make way for a hyperspace express bypass. If you don’t want to read the books, you can always watch the movie.

Speaking of galaxies and stuff. A small update on my web log “Is there SAP on Mars?”. The Einstein@home project is now officially live, so you can now participate in this project. Remember that I’ve created a team called “SAP SDN” so that the SDN community can combine their efforts. Some people have already joined but more are always welcome. The “SAP SDN” team rank could/should be much higher! If you aren’t into this extraterrestrial stuff, you can always solve biomedical questions and investigate protein-related diseases, or improve the accuracy of long-term climate prediction. See the web log for details. I hope to meet you out there some day.

Btw, Dries will join me in attending the SDN Meets Labs event in Walldorf-Rot, Germany. I hope to meet you there too.

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  1. Mark Finnern
    Here is a link to an interview he gave Slashdot.
    Love it:

    I thought the book came first. I once read that he was working for radio doing commercials and things, but not getting anywhere. Then he took a year off and went back to live with his parents and wrote his first book.

    On the way to his first reading he was in a traffic jam because there was congestion in front of the book store and it dawned on him, that this is a because of his reading.

    Next week his book was on the London Times bestseller list and the rest is history.

    Talk about a life changing event ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s such a bummer that he died way to young, Mark. 

      1. It started out as a radio show, followed by the first book 1 1/2 years after …

        There’s a somewhat detailed description of what was published when in the introduction of “The Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide”, which is a compilation of all 6 stories – it all starts with a nice story about D.A. hitchhiking penniless through Austria ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Mark Finnern
      Or how do computers dream? Spot Draves is creating screen savers to illustrate exactly this. He once was presented at the Future Salon.
      Electric Sheep is a distributed screen-saver that harnesses idle computers into a render farm with the purpose of animating and evolving artificial life-forms. Each clip of animation has a genetic code, and the collective voting of users determines its fitness. I like it a lot, Mark.

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