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Author's profile photo Craig Cmehil

The BSP Invasion begins….

Recently I held a few presentations here at my company showing everyone what was currently possible and what was coming in the future. I also talked a good deal about SDN itself and how helpful it can be.

The demand was not huge but it was enough and therefore I held, not too long ago, a follow-up workshop on BSP by itself and this resulted in a small contest amongst those involved.

The idea was simple, I wanted to motivate those involved in the workshop to get them into the BSP world and actively doing something. I had several ABAP people as well as a couple of our Java developers.

The way we decided to run the class was to simply pick a topic and build an application, so we decided to build a telephone book. The idea was to use as many components as possible as well and leave the developers with enough room to play and explore the various elements available.

To begin with in class I made the basis for the application (just using standard BSP and not MVC) that had a table, tableView, Iterator and input form.


I then asked them to all make a copy of the page and complete the following tasks.

  • Login to
  • Delete data
  • Nice format with logos
  • Tooltips
  • Images, buttons oder Toolbar as Menu
  • Extra search field in the table, not just the tableView filters
  • Format data
  • Required fields

And because I am such a nice guy I also figured a bit of physical motivation would be nice so I threw in some prizes. I figured a few Euro out of my pocket was worth the efforts of those involved image and believe you me I was overwhelmed with the results!


Most took to the task at hand immediately others were a bit slower and most came and asked questions when they had them while some went straight to the internet and SDN. To be honest I was not sure how this would work out and part of me figured the Java Developers would take lead because of the experience they have with Web applications but then get stuck with the ABAP side; whereas I figured the ABAP people would be the opposite. I was rather surprised as it was a mix of both that actually won.

And the winners are….


The winning page contained the most of all features and to my delight was put together with a blend of JavaScript and HTMLB, with information gathered from not only the Internet but SDN as well.


Each of those involved have all continued to expand and work on their pages and play around a bit more, my hope is that, that continues and they begin to not only ask questions here on SDN but help out as well.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Craig,
      I was truly impressed by this initiative: bridging ABAP and Java while utilizing SDN community as information source. Wow!

      Thanks for doing it and for sharing. I'm convinced that other enthusiastic SAP'ers would emulate your model to run similar workshops in their companies.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thank you! I hope other follow suit and post back to SDN as well it would be nice to see how others deal with this issue.

      I am planning a few more trainings in the future as well, those involved in this one took to the tasks at hand quite well so I am hoping that as their coworkers see what they are doing the interest will grow.