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Testing XI exposed Web-Services



XI is Web-Service ready. Any simple integration developed in XI could be exposed as Web service easily. Web services send SOAP requests and the response is given in SOAP format. XI uses SOAP- sender adapter to consume SOAP message and uses SOAP receiver adapter to give an SOAP request out of XI. This particular blog will give an overview on

how a XI exposed Web Service could be tested using the WSDL.



As a part of Netweaver Labs @ Satyam, several challenging prototypes were developed and one such challenge was to expose the XI scenario as a WebService and testing the same. When we started working on this we had several challenges one such challenge was to check the functionality of the WebService exposed by XI.


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  • hi,

            Your blog gives a good start in testing XI exposed web services. When testing the web service, I encountered two kinds of errors “ModuleUnknownException” and “DeliveryException” … and no more information is contained in the response SOAP message … can u specify what are the possible causes of these exceptions or where can i find a more elaborate messages for these exceptions.


    • Hi,

      I have observed that when the SOAP sender channel is not activated, and a request is posted to XI, u will get “ModuleUnknownException”.

      When the Sender SOAP Adapter is created in BE mode and “no receiver determination” is created, you will encounter “DeliveryException” while testing using XMLSPY. U will find that the message has failed in XI with an error “NO_RECEIVER_CASE_BE”

      When the Sender SOAP Adapter is created in EO/EOIO mode and “no receiver determination” is created, you will not encounter any error while testing using XMLSPY. But you will find that the message has failed in XI with an error “NO_RECEIVER_CASE_ASYNC”

      Also make sure you defined the correct 
      “Default Interface NameSpace” and
      “Default Interface Name”
      in the Sender SOAP Channel. Else the message will fail b’cos it will not find the correct receiver Determination.

      Siva Maranani

  • have a following scenario.<br/>WS Clinet <> XI <> RFC . The RFC i am using is RFC_CUSTOMER_GET ; it has two inputs ( Not mandatory) No. and Name. The Request and response is sent through SOAP. I used option in SAP Xi to generate WSDL where the URL is following format :Dunno where the problem is ? Please suggest

  • hi siva,

    this blog is very good for starters. we have been developing the webservices interfaces and they are working fine. i have a question for you about the soap sender url. we need to use this for the incoming soap message. what should we do when we transort the objects from dev to qa. obviously we need to change the wsdl with the new server, port, service and communication channel. is there any way that we can use only one wsdl file in all 3 environments (dev, qa and prod) ? any help on this is appreciated.


  • Hi Siva,
       Nice Weblog.. If i want to send data to XI without using any tools like XML SPy, how can it be possible… Can i write a Java program to call the Webservice and write code to send data to the XI…. Is it possible……..????