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Creating Sales Order through Idoc

Lot of times when the idoc’s has to be posted, we face the difficulty to map the lot of fields and find out the fields which are relevant to our requirement. Middleware consultants are recruited from different backgrounds to work on XI projects and it is very cumbersome for them to identify the SAP fields and do the mapping. The blog here provides the mapping template for creating sales order which is a very common process followed in any business cycle.

Here is the mapping template for the IDOC type ORDERS01/ORDERS05.

Mapping Template
Mapping Template
Mapping Template
Mapping Template
Mapping Template

Sample Mapping Template of Sales Order Idoc(ORDERS01) in XI:

Mapping Template(XI)

Mapping of Customer to Vendor Material Numbers should be maintained in the VD51 transaction if required and the same can be passed through E1EDP19 structure of orders idoc. I hope this blog might be useful.

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  1. Hi Ravikumar,
    I have to map a Sales Order object to an ABAP proxy message generated from XI. I think that your mapping does not contain all informations located in a SalesOrder. You map only 4 of the 218 fields located in VBAP table.

    Do you know where I could find a complete mapping of all fields of all tables of SalesOrder (VBAP, VBAK, VBEP, VBKD, VBPA) used to create a ORDERS05 Idoc?

    Thanks you very much

  2. Former Member Post author
    I am trying to implemtent a similar sceanrio as mentioned in your blog. In the mapping section E1EDK14 Segement is mapped 4 times. I assume this is achieved by Duplicating the E1EDK14 node in the target structure. When I do the same I get an error :
    The source or target structure has been changed or could not be found in the Integration Repository. The mapping definition contains elements or attributes that do not exist in the changed structure. The relevant entries will be deleted
    Target structure has no such path ORDERS05/IDOC/E1EDK14[1]/QUALF
    Skipping mapping.

    Do you have any suggestions ??


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