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In EP6, SAP introduced the ability to construct

custom page layouts to provide portal developers with more UI flexibility. 

The out of the box layouts basically provide a way to divide your pages

into columns of varying relative widths.  In many cases, portal developers

have created similar layouts, limiting the scope of their changes to modifying

the number of columns and changing the width of each column.  In some

cases, folks have gotten more bold and experimented with “T” shaped layouts,

in which a single container spans the top of the page, with two columns

below it.

What many folks don’t realize is that the EP6
Page Builder allows for very rich layouts that go far beyond these rudimentary
designs.  In this blog, I’ll walk you through creating a more dynamic

The basic steps to creating a layout are rather

simple.  They are captured in detail in the documentation on this page on the SAP Help Portal,

so I won’t redundantly cover them here.  In short, the steps are:




If I preview my page, it looks like this.


The pane is closed by default, but I can open it by clicking the little
“<<” near the top of the page.  Then it looks like this:


This is just the tip of the iceberg; there is really quite a lot you

can do with a little bit of imagination.

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    1. Former Member Post author
      I’m glad it was helpful. 

      Obviously, the design I used here is very rudimentary.  If you think of any way in which to improve upon what I’ve outlined here, please feel free to add another comment and share your ideas.


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