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Secret to SAP’s Software Magic Revieled

Hamish a Scott living in Geneva found the secret to the software magic of SAP: All development is done by Elves . (Try to buy that Larry 🙂

There is all this code, but not once, in twelve years of wandering around the corridors of Walldorf, have I ever seen a single line of code actually being typed.  Therefore it is obvious, that the nation that gave us the fairy stories, especially the ones that children actually like, like Stumpf Kopf Peter and so on, has harnessed it’s supernatural history, and the developers must be leaving little sacrifices on the desk, and the elves come out of the forest and write the code during the hours of darkness. 

At least that would explain how come the entire coffee mug production of a small emerging nation is left lying around in the office every night.  Elves like mouldly coffee apparently. 

O.K. people, now that we have been found out, we will add a session to the SDN meets Labs in Palo Alto as well as in Walldorf/Rot:

Best sacrifices for error free Elf code on time and in budget (Unfortunately we don’t have that totally down ourselves yet)
Treats for your Elf beyond the half finished coffee and deserts from the day’s lunch. Tips on setting up nice resting place under your desk behind the server … It will be held by the resident SAP Wizard Elder. Every SAP Labs has one.

One more reason to join us at the SDN meets Labs 7th-8th of April Palo Alto and 19th-20th of April in Walldorf/Rot. If you haven’t nocticed, we have opened up the call for proposals for the Walldorf/Rot event too.

P.S. I think Hamish is refering to Stock Headed Peter I think he is refering to Shockheaded Peter (Struwelpeter) which has an almost mystical influcence on every German child way into adulthood. Just ask the next German you meet and you may get quite some emotions that you haven’t seen before from that person. Also if you are in New York, don’t miss Tiger Lillies’ interpretation of the stories. Very beautiful with music, actors, puppets in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s not a kids show, don’t bring your children.

[Thanks Jeff for the link who got it from GapingVoid]

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