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If you are in SAP world, you must know that SAP’s latest  product is SAP NetWeaver. What is SAP NetWeaver? Is it different from SAP’s  traditional R/3 or mySAP product?

SAP Info Magazine says:

SAP NetWeaver, the next evolution of mySAP Technology integrates  information and business processes across technologies and organizations. What’s  more, SAP NetWeaver embraces Internet standards such as HTTP, XML, and Web  services. Ensuring openness and interoperability with Microsoft .NET and J2EE ?  IBM WebSphere in particular, SAP NetWeaver is the foundation of SAP xApps and  mySAP Business Suite solutions.

There is a very useful article in SDN (SAP Developer Network):  Getting  Started with SAP NetWeaver So Java has come to SAP World, our world, SAP  Technical Consultant’s world, especially SAP ABAP Consultant’s world. SAP says:

As most people in the SAP universe know, SAP products have been  developed since the early 1990s in a language called ABAP on top of a platform  that encapsulates the operating system and database called Basis. In SAP  NetWeaver the language of choice is a combination of Java and  ABAP and the equivalent of Basis is the SAP Web Application  Server (which implements the J2EE 1.3 standard) extended by other  products now underneath the SAP NetWeaver umbrella like SAP Exchange Infrastructure, SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Enterprise Portal and others.

There is a question comes to mind “Do I have to learn Java  as an ABAP Consultant?”

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