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The Project that I am currently handling is for the world’s most important banks’ and it’s a nice piece of complete integration between an existing intranet portal application and a webdynpro application without enterprise portal framework.

Our initial challenges included a tight integration between the portal environment and the webdynpro application, which we successfully managed to show case the navigation (DATA) transfer between them. However the trouble started only during the UI design of the webdynpro application.

We were given story board developed in HTML that needs to be developed in the webdynpro application and it had the best of complexities of the HTML framework. The main criteria included the look and feel of the webdynpro application must strictly be same as that of the existing portal application. We got down to work and made certain good amount of analysis and came out with certain IMPOSSIBILITIES (atleast from the current version), which made the client bewildered and started taking up serious thoughts.

However, we pulled back with a much more flexible UI design and now the project is in the development rolling stage.

At this juncture, we felt the need to bring in our difficulties on the UI design to the Net weaver community, though we tend to put in all our issues, we felt the critical issue was on the usage of table element in webdynpro UI, that is badly or most often utilized in the web environment.

Hence please find below the limitations (We expect these to be closed chapters in next release) of the webdynpro UI &# element -TABLE

1) Single Column having two elements in the same row and display them together

2) Column heading in two rows – wrapping the caption and showing them in two lines

3) Column sub headings,-grouping of some 3-5 columns and showing under one same heading

4) Moving the column lines and row lines (borders) to increase the width / size and get to read the contents of the cell with more clarity.

5) Row span for the corresponding column span together or individually will help in displaying large amount of data with much ease.

6) Provision of background colors for individual cells within a table for easier identification and user understanding, so that important messages and errors can be displayed

7) Automatic wrapping and default multiple row selection for (deletion or modification)

Thus there are other constraints also in developing the table layout from the webdynpro UI. Similar to that, the various limitations, like context sensitive navigations(mouse right click), Shortcuts / Accelerator Keys, Time Picker, Scrollable Tab strips, Formatted Text View, Custom UI controls, etc which we hope shall be addressed in near future.

In conclusion this document is just a top level perspective of limitations found during the initial stages. The need to move along and provide the input to the webdynpro community the various possibilities in developing robust applications

More to follow would be the best of webdynpro that we have seen. So keep watching & coding!!!

This Blog is a follow up of Armin’s UI Polling, that we intend to bring it to the blog area also, so that the chances of getting the required information is more, please check out the forum also for more information.

POLL: Web Dynpro UI elements – enhancement proposals

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    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Stefan,

      We totally agree with your view and our intention was purely on a disciplinary basis where we found most of them (developers) search for weblogs for info, hence this weblog would be usefull to be posted. we will take your advice in right earnest and go forward. Thanks once again
      ( As per your advice, we have included the polling part also…)

  1. Former Member
    As I was mentioned by name in your article, let me please give some personal comments…

    I really have mixed emotions when reading this weblog.

    On one side, I really acknowledge that you describe your requirements for additional table functionality from the perspective of a “developer in the trenches”.

    Many of your enhancement proposals are already on our list and a good number of them have already been implemented in the meantime. Thank you for this information.

    On the other side, I would not describe this missing functionality with attributes like “bad” or “critical”.

    When you develop a new framework, and I consider Web Dynpro as new, the emphasis should be on a clean and consistent programming model. Functionality will be added time after time.

    Concerning the Web Dynpro table, how would you describe its programming model and its API? Do you  think that attributes like “bad” and “critical” describe it appropriately?

    If you see Web Dynpro as just another HTML framework, you might be a little bit disappointed on a first look, that you cannot rebuild 1:1 any given  HTML application like the one you described.

    But Web Dynpro is much more:

    Web Dynpro supports multiple platforms (Java, ABAP, …) and multiple clients (HTML, smart client, mobile devices, …).

    That means, if we offer new functionality for a UI element, we will offer it for each supported platform and for each supported client. This is ambitious, but we are commited to thus, and we try do it with a consistent API and programming model.

    So please be patient. We here you, we take your requirements for serious.

    Best regards

    P.S. Please update my polling in the Web Dynpro forum with your requirements.


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