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Challenges while Deploying a J2EE Application on SAP Web Application Server

It is a general assumption that when ever an application is deployed successfully on any J2EE compliant application server then deployment on other similar application servers is pretty straight forward. But we do come across some obstacles while deploying the same application on a similar application server, some amount of customization is required for every porting.

We would like to share our experience that we had, while deploying one of our J2EE compliant application FlowbriX on SAP J2EE Web Application Server 6.40 as a part of PBNW (Powered By Net Weaver) certification process.

A brief overview about Flowbrix:

Flow-briX is a comprehensive BPM framework from Wipro Technologies. Flow-briX allows business users to manage their processes easily. Business users can define the process just like a flow chart and put into production. Once the process is in production they can monitor the process with both real time & statistical data. Thus enabling them to discover process lacunae and optimize the same. This is what makes Flow-briX a complete BPM framework.

The application comprises of a set of EJB .

9. To make use of Connection pooling service provided by the application server, we have look up jndi for the datasource and get a connection for a database using a javax.sql.Datasource Interface. There was an error while retrieving the connection object as it could not establish the connection with the backend database. For this the SQL type has to be changed from NATIVE_SQL to VENDOR_SQL in the deploy tool it make it work, i.e if drivers provided by the vendors are used than the drivers provided by SAP, for example classes12.jar for oracle then set it to VENDOR_SQL.

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