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When I wrote the little profile about Top 5 SDN Contributor without writing one Weblog? it turned out that he is from south of Italy and he promised that if I ever visit him, he will provide me with a beautiful personal hammock with white lettering on the back saying, “I am relaxing here thanks to SDN !” Alone thinking about it makes me relax 🙂 He told me that he is on a new project and has only modem access to the Internet and this is why he hasn’t posted as much.

Rem Swa requested to get a similar post about Detlev Beutner who back then was on position 4 and is now the king of the SDN Forums.

I finally found some time to send him some questions via email. You have to know that he has been approved to be a Weblogger since September last year. His Weblogger page is ready, just the posts are missing.

Therefore I knew a little bit about him from his bio:

Detlev has passed “half a study” of economical informatics, “half a study” of law and a full study of mathematics, more or less in parallel. After that, he has become a “pure” Java developer, mostly engaged in financial business for about five years. His special interest in this period has been web application development with focus on the combination of tomcat and apache. In the middle of 2003 Detlev has joined btexx – business technologies , a german company with explicit focus on SAP Enterprise Portal, WebDynpro, and the surrounding SAP NetWeaver technologies. His special interests here are – of course – core Java development and KM. Detlev holds the Sun Certificates SCJP, SCJD and SCWCD. He is living with his wive and their three children between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt a.M., in the beautiful Taunus mountains.

I liked his answers to my questions so much, that I post it uncut here:

> I would like to do a little profile about you too,
> as I did for Roberto Negro.

Yeah, that’s OK. If I don’t get the time to write one [Weblog] about something, even if acknowledged for since September, at least someone else writes one about me 🙂

> So where in the Taunus are you living?

In Eppstein, a small town or better an accumulation of small villages. It’s in the mid of the “Rhein-Main area” between Frankfurt a.M., Wiesbaden and Mainz, but it’s green 🙂 (or, freely adapted from Huxley’s BNW: “With all the advantages of the Rhein-Main area, but none of it’s disadvantages” :-)).

> How old are your children?

The two boys are 8 & 10, an age where sometimes you whish you could do a leap in time (about ten years or so ;-)). The girl is almost 3 years, an age (in this special case) where sometimes you whish you could live in a time warp (she often sends cats and dogs to me on work using the MS messenger).

> When do you find the time to post?

As you can see, often. If I’m around a problem (at work), getting stuck, the best thing is to care about a different problem. Or, strictly adapted from Brazil, the best film ever produced: “I came into this game for the action, the excitement. Go anywhere, travel light, get in, get out, wherever there’s trouble, a man alone.” Ooops, take care, don’t get the impression that with every posting on SDN I’m stuck at work. It’s not that bad 😉

It’s so challenging that even on late evening and on weekend I cannot resist to rush in…

> What else do you like to do with your time (if there is any)?

Beneath working on Java / EP topics and caring about my family, films are an issue I’m really deep in. Sometimes, when you read carefully, you can detect quotations 🙂 And with this spare amount of time, films are better to consume than books… (Still waiting for some great J2EE films ;-))

> How did SDN help you so far?

The definitely biggest help was by offering the chance to learn while helping others. That’s one very important aspect why I’m so keen on helping. The most interesting things are topics where one has been in a bit(!), so one has advantages over the questioner, but one also has to struggle with the machine…

And if you read the topics over a day (no chance without RSS reader!), you get often some impression where the shoe pinches.

> Any surprises since you are top of the list?

No. For me it does not really make a difference in daily life on SDN if I’m top or second or fifth… Anyhow, it’s really nice to get some recognition for such an engagement, no question.

Sometimes it turns out to be a disadvantage almost to be “over engaged”
– when one gets a bit pissed off by people rushing in, “misbehaving”. But I try to take it with humour, and I think I manage it mostly. I really hope that many people do not only have the impression of “this guy who has to throw in his two pennies worth”, but also the impression of a man with a sense of humour. If I can achieve this, there is nothing more to be done 🙂

Best regards

I think this is an excellent little impression of the man behind all these great answers. Thanks Detlev.

By the way, Thomas Jung is only one good answer away from hitting 5K.

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  1. Anonymous
    I have seen a Detlev in Javaranch whose answers on Java related questions are equally authorative. I wonder if it is the same guy
    1. Detlev Beutner
      It is 🙂 Yeah, is also one of these rare places / forums where you can find a very positive atmosphere and many people with an willing-to-help attitude. Since specializing on EP, I got a bit away from there. But from time to time, I remember “my old love” and revisit it 🙂
      I think one thing both places, SDN and JavaRanch, have in common is this internalised rule: “Beginners are welcome! Questions cannot be dumb!” (Even if sometimes it is a bit estonishing how hard it seems to be to use the search function ;-))
  2. Stefan Klensch
    …the new king of the forums. Very well done, Detlev, indeed. It’s always astonishing (or should i say discouraging? 😉 to see your score growing and growing on nearly every login. BTW, i’m more or less regularly working for a customer at Bad Homburg, which isn’t that far away from your city of residence, isn’t it? Maybe we could have a meet for a coffee or something else one day.

    Best, Stefan

    PS: The link to btexx is broken.

    1. Detlev Beutner
      Hi Stefan, thanks a lot! (For the guys running around in strange BSP, ABAP or whatever old fashioned forums 😉 – Stefan “teached” my somewhat WebDynpro last summer, he definitely is one of the guys who make it worth “living on SDN”).
      For sure, if you are around the corner, we should meet! Just get in contact: detlev.beutner@youknowthename 😉
      1. Stefan Klensch
        Hi Detlev,
        thanx for the compliments, but as you know, i also learned (at least) one lesson answering your questions: To be as precise as possible 😉 I’ll send you a mail the next time it will be possible to meet. See you soon, you pay the coffee 😉

        Best, Stefan

  3. Anonymous
    Oh, I was just relaxing on my hammock (but in a troubled sleep I had foreseen what would happen…) and Detlev, as quiet as a mouse, mercilessly checkmates !
    Joking aside, I’m happy for him and with no problem I bow to the new king of the fantastic SDN Forums kingdom !

    Mark, you accidentally linked my name to Detlev’s profile…ok, mi casa es su casa !


    1. Detlev Beutner
      Hi Roberto,
      relaxing on a hammock is not part of the game 😉 That’s the painful lesson you’ll have learned… In my nightmares – you get up! 🙂
      And the lesson I learned is that being a king does not make happy… When some common prince shouts “link is broken”, the subjects get nervous and are going to repair everything within seconds. But if the king himself passes silently a mark about a broken link, nothing happens at all… 😉
      No offence meant, Mark 🙂
      1. Mark Finnern Post author
        This is funny. I guess somehow your hint was to gentle, so that it didn’t register with me.

        I guess there is too much going on online as well as behind the scenes in the SDN world. It has nothing to do with Kings or Princess, may be with Princesses 🙂

        Happy Valentines, well I said that already, Mark. 

        1. Detlev Beutner
          Hi Mark,
          you seem to have too little sleep, haven’t you?! OK, I’ll try with shouting:  L i n k   t o   b t e x x   i s   b r o k e n !  😉 Stefan wrote it, Detlev mailed it, Detlev marked it, now Detlev shouts it — there must be a way of getting through to Mark, even if it’s hard 😉
              1. Mark Finnern Post author
                Thanks Stefan,
                Looks like I need a vacation and I am actually going to be gone Thursday until Monday.
                May be that will help, Mark.
                P.S. I think the title of this Weblog post is hilarious in this context.
                1. Stefan Klensch
                  Hi Mark,
                  well, this reminds me of a citation by the American dramatist Channing Pollock: “No one ever got very far by working a 40-hour week. Most of the notable people I know are trying to manage a 40-hour day”. With this in mind, simply enjoy your vacation 😉
                  Best, Stefan

      2. Anonymous
        your nightmares now are the reality: the king is back !!!
        (even if our nice war is open…)


  4. Anonymous
    Thanks Mark, for this weblog.

    Detlev, it is astonishing to read about the FACTS. Definitly you have the capablity to shine in one more area, as a NOVELIST.

    Guys like you are making SDN a vibrant one.


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