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Different types of Mapping in XI

SAP XI offers us 2 ways to create mappings.

1. Create Mappings using various languages
    What this means is you create multiple mapping types.
      a. Graphical mapping
      b. Java Mapping
      c. XSLT Mapping
      d. ABAP Mapping

    The first 2 methods are active by default in XI, however ABAP and XSLT mapping are not active. We need to set certain parameters required to     activate the same.

2. Create Multiple mappings for the same interface
    What I mean here by multiple mappings is that for a single interface mapping , we can apply multiple types of message mapping. That means first you     can do a graphical mapping and then do a Java mapping and then an ABAP mapping etc.

    Now that we have seen, what SAP XI has to offer on creating mappings,let us now see how we can activate the ABAP and XSLT mapping in the     Integration repository if XI.

    For this, we need to set a parameter in the exchange Profile of XI. The URL for the same is http://XIHOME:50000/exchangeProfile.
    We also need to set the parameter with a value R3_ABAP|Abap-class;R3_XSLT|XSL


    Log out of the integration repository and log in again. You should be able to see the new mappings in the Interface mapping option.


    Now that we have seen how to activate multiple options of mapping, in the next blog we will see how to utilize these mappings and parse the data.

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