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“I love COM”

I apologize as this is somewhat off topic, but I must share this review of the new Best of Verity Stob collection.

Not familiar with Verity Stob? For shame, she writes a regular column for Dr. Dobbs. Of the collection, “Verity says she wants to rebuff, in advance, any suggestions that the collected columns resemble a social history of computing, it’s still an amazing potted history of man’s inhumanity to man in the name of programming.”

That should give you some idea. I especially liked her description of “the ‘code review’ – a fad in the early 1990s, where Verity is upbraided for failing to record the return value of a printf() statement, but flirts her way out of trouble.”

  And here is the quote that led to that title, “Stob finds an article in the Microsoft-published Developer Network magazine (MSDN) that begins, ‘I love COM. COM is good. Like a fine pilsner or ale, COM never disappoints. In fact, the more I look at COM, the more I like it.’ (And here it is. And look, the lunatic who wrote it is still causing mayhem – only he now works for Microsoft!)”

If you follow web services at all the identity of that lunatic is probably no surprise.

Don’t let any of the above fool you though. Her humor is particularly difficult for the non geek. If the opening of that review covering the differences between BSTR, _bstr_t and CComBST doesn’t have you ROFL, this may not be for you. Something tells me that there are a lot of people here at SDN that this is for.

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