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If you have been following this series then I hope that you have found some use of it. I have finished up the last of the series and posted here at SDN as an article due to it’s size.

The complete series is listed below:

I would like to share with you my thoughts on this topic now if I may.

If someone had asked me a year ago about this I would have not thought much about it nor would have I began to go through all the work involved in learning about this topic. What changed? Well to be honest nothing significant other than realizing that I was not doing my job as a developer by providing an application that was not able to be viewed by 100% or as much as 100% of the population that it could.

We all live here together and more and more people are using the internet and potentially something I’ve made and therefore I have a moral obligation as does every developer out there to be sure that we make our work available to as large a user base as possible.

Take a look at some of the statistics and see who might be out there, then see what you can do to make it easier for them.

There are hundreds of sites available that cover stats and so forth, find those that revolve around your areas of business and determine if you are truely meeting the needs of your entire user base. For those of you/us inside of a company you know exactly who is there but have you taken any survey’s to see if you are effectively meeting the needs of each and every one?

So have I been preaching, well yes a little bit but for a good reason. So I hope you take the time to think about your development or at least any future development and at least try to use some of the items covered in this series.

I also look forward to any input that you have to offer as I too am trying to improve the accessibility of my work.

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