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I’ve been a computer resource volunteer at SETI@home a.k.a. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence ( since 1999 (admittedly there have been some periods of negligence). Although I like TV-shows like the X-files and The 4400, I’m more interested in the distributed computing and “public computing” paradigm used.

Last year I switched over to the BOINC or Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing ( version of this program. BOINC is now a cross-platform application framework which enables many different projects to run their project-specific application independently.

As with the old SETI, it’s possible to group results in teams. I was wondering if it wouldn’t be nice to have a team for the SDN community. Then we could show that SDN people can collaborate in different ways. Needless to say one doesn’t install such things on production machines or without the permission of the owner of the machine(s).

So last week, I decide to make a team called “SAP SDN” for the following projects:

· improve the accuracy of long-term climate prediction.

·        LHC@home: improve the design of the CERN LHC particle accelerator.

·        Predictor@home: solve biomedical questions and investigate protein-related diseases.

·        SETI@home: analyze radio-telescope data, looking for evidence of extraterrestrial life

·        other projects (like Einstein@home) will follow as they go live

Team statistics can be found at A remark on these statistics though. Some projects (like SETI@home) will total the credits of the members starting from the point they’ve joined the group. Other projects (e.g. will total ALL the credits from the group members.

Hope to see you out there.

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