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Accessibility and Applications

Due to the size of the original weblog I decided that it would be better suited in the format of an article and I have therefore recently created on and posted it here to SDN. With luck it’s now been published and is available for all to view.

This is a rather complex item and therefore will require a bit more time before you cast it aside image

To view the document simply click here

I am bringing this series to a close and therefore if anyone has any wishes or desires for additions to the series please let me know and I will be happy to research and compile some information on the subject.

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  • Great to see what began as a weblog become an article on SDN. I hope that others follow your lead and take the “next step” in contributing to SDN.

    Perhaps, Craig, you can let everyone know writing an article wasn’t so painful!

    -Jennifer Lankheim
    SDN Senior Editor

    • Oh this one was a bit more difficult due to various reasons but with the help of you guys at SDN and that nice little SDN Word Template the painful process was drastically reduced, however, I’m still undecided on which is “better” weblog or article. What is your take on it?


      • Craig,

        Personally I see little differences. I prefer articles for the reason that one can publish directly from Word to Pdf. However, there are a number of subtle reasons why I would personally stick to weblogs:

        (1) The biggest is that of “forward navigation”. It takes me a few moments to find a list of BSP related weblogs (topics–>BSP). For articles, you can only search. If you have the right combination of keywords, yes, you can search for them. But there is no way (that I know) to say give me all articles, select category BSP, etc.

        The point is especially highlighted by the fact that you have to write a weblog to point to your article. Hmmm… Why does SDN not just have a list of new articles that one can scan? Why is your articles not linked under your blogger ID, etc.

        (2) You do not control the time of publication. You submit article to SDN, and then publication happens in due course. With a weblog you can decide when to set it live.

        (3) Weblogs are slightly more informal, making it (hopefully) much less of a barrier to start writing.

        (4) Blogging is hip! For example: “Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary declared ‘Blog’ as the word of the year in 2004.”

        All of this just my (very) personal opinion. Probably after your second or third weblog it will not make much of a difference anymore.


        • I completely agree with everyone of your points Brian, in fact the only reason I did the one as an article was that it was slightly larger and I thought the formatting would be a bit easier if I did it up in Word/PDF.

          I think one thing that will help is this only “Business card” that Mark has been talking about that might then change how things are found and all but not sure.

          I prefer the blogging but when the item is a bit too large then I think the blog would not be suitable.

          Besides I didn’t get a T-Shirt that said I “articled this on SDN” 🙂