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Today is a great day. We got some resources part time from the beginning of this year and now we are harvesting the fruits of his labor. Some great improvements to our SDN Forums .

Here is the list:

  • Username search: You know that Oliver Stiefbold has this great post in one of these forums, but don’t remember where. Search using his last name works now as requested in the Search.
  • An flag next to a name within a thread shows you that this person is an SDN moderator. This is a very subtle method to highlight them versus regular SAP employees, in hope to give these posts more weight. You still can see whether a poster is an SAP employee by selecting his or her name and in the forum profile the flag is shown.
  • [Code] button added to the editor tool bar as requested with sample code by Gregor Wolf in this Add Button “URL” & “CODE” to toolbar in the forums when posting message. We still have to hash out the advantage of a URL tag, if the URLs get automatically converted anyhow.
  • Last but for sure not least greatly improved (or so I hope) handling of giving points. One-Click-Blue-Stars. You go back to your question, you read the question, you like it. Click to the left and give points and let the blue stars shine. It’s that easy. Use it.

May be I have forgotten one more feature, Michael Goeck (the developer) was that good, but I go and enjoy the weekend now and you should too.

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Mark,

    these improvements are great. I already noticed them when I checked out my favourite forum, today. So I am sure that all these “hmmm how can I give people the points they deserve”-posts will disappear, now 🙂

    In my opinion another area of the forums need some serious work: The search page. For example how do I search for posts which have to include two words? When I use google I use the following: sap+sdn. This functionality would be great and would make searching a lot more effective.

    1. Detlev Beutner
      Hi Thomas,

      quite right, search on SDN – especially SDN Content Search – is poor; I would say that in the meantime I’m earning about 20 to 30% of my points by being the best search engine 😉 (but most times I find a thread where I had written at least something within the context, so I’m not taking credit for someone else’s contributions. Most time. :-))

      But concerning google: Google uses an automatic AND search. “+” is for including stop words. So “sap sdn” will do the same.

      It’s really strange that google is better to search for any SDN content than SDN search…

    1. Yes points seem to be flowing in more easily.Some real good improvements here. And about Google being a better search engine , I guess that should only be natural ,since Google is in the business of providing search services.
  2. Detlev Beutner

    after a few days, in the morning I’m awakening in my bed, full of tears, knowing this will be another days where I’ll be missing the good old SAP-flags… so sad… 😉

    No, really, I’m missing them. Some arguments to get back to the old status, at least in my opinion:

    1.) Why do we need them?

    1.1. Because it’s that easy to get in contact by mail, if something can be discussed in deep, for the generic name scheme of mail addresses at SAP. Not that this is used often (I think not more than once in a quarter), but knowing at a glance is precious.

    1.2 Sometimes people state “EP13 SP99 P42 will be available first quarter of 2042” – even if it’s sometimes me (just heaving read some schedule docu others haven’t) – no SAP guy – here the (fast readable) fact if someone comes from SAP is precious, too.

    2.) And what’s about the moderator advantage?

    I don’t think that here the SAP flag really matters. Two possibilities: The moderator is active, then he/she will be well known within short time within the forum (or be known by Top3 heading). Or moderator most time is inactive, then other people are more important within the forum.

    My thoughts, so far. I would definitely appreciate if SAP flag returns to the old status.

    Best regards, Detlev

    1. Former Member
      I liked it the old way too. I mean give the moderators a different icon I mean if you ever let non-sap people be moderators then you can’t very well give them a SAP Flag it would be misinteruppted.


    2. Former Member
      Hi all,

      i agree with Detlev and Graig. Please return to the previous state. If it’s really necessary to distinguish between moderators and non-moderators (SAP employees or not), mark them by using another icon. One more argument in addition to the former ones, why i think, this would be better: It’s often very interesting to see, what is asked by SAP “internals” 😉

      Best regards, Stefan

      PS: A personal message to Mark, since he mentions Oliver Stiefbold in his blog entry, Oliver is currently renamed to “Steifbold” on the SDN home page.

    3. Mark Finnern Post author
      Hi Everyone Missing the SAP Flag,
      > 1.2 Sometimes people state “EP13 SP99 P42 will be available first quarter of 2042” – even if it’s sometimes me (just heaving read some schedule docu others haven’t) – no SAP guy – here the (fast readable) fact if someone comes from SAP is precious, too.

      This is the problem. People that are new to the SDN forum take the SAP flag as gospel. Every answer with it is read as “official” statement coming from SAP, but it could just be a student doing an internship and trying out the forums.

      Detlev, Craig, Stefan you know your SAP forum posters, know who’s posts you can trust.

      The casual users can’t do that. Therefore it makes sense to only show it next to Moderators to give their posts more authority.

      The SAP flag is still only a click away. To find out whether someone is an SAP employee or not select the name of the poster and in the forum profile of employees the SAP Flag is flying.

      Hope you understand, Mark.

      1. Former Member
        Hi Mark,

        well, that’s a different point of view i (we) didn’t took in account yet. But on the other hand the simple question is: “Why are these “interims”-SAP members allowed to post these semi-official SAP statements? Wouldn’t it be easier and more consequent to give them non-SAP accounts for SDN?” Anyway, it might be a matter of usualness and in a few weeks or so, nobody will remember the old days 😉

        Best, Stefan

      2. Detlev Beutner
        Hi Mark,

        in contrast to Stefan, even if I didn’t *know* the reason you gave, I at least had a premonition of this reason. Anyhow, I can only follow the half way. When you say “hey, it’s only one click away”, I would anwer, if you are serious about this, than your argument doesn’t hold any longer. Than also the SAP-trainee-for-two-weeks will be known as a SAP guy.

        I really believe in the problems SAP may have with this semi official statements, no question. But then at least be serious enough to acknowledge that this “it’s only one click away” is a lame excuse. The one point holds or the other – both don’t work together.

        If it’s Craig, Stefan and Detlev (with no dissenting vote so far from the hard core SDN members), in the end I would rethink the decision. More I cannot ask for, but in the end, it’s sold as an advantage what in fact for the users seems to be more a disadvantage…

        Best regards


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