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Configuration Tips for a Business Service/Integration Process to send back ALE audit IDOC

When posting an IDOC to XI, the receiver system configured in XI can be a Business System, a Business Service or an Integration Process. Let us consider a simple scenario where in an SAP system sends an IDOC to XI and a mapping program within XI runtime converts the IDOC structure to a simple XML structure and stores it in a file system using the file adapter. The Sender IDOC adapter requests an acknowledgement when sending the IDOC to XI. The system acknowledgement sent by the file adapter is converted into an ALE audit message and sent back to the sender SAP system by an IDOC ACK channel configured in XI(an IDOC receiver adapter).

A quick checklist for the configuration steps is below.

    • Create a transactional port to XI using the RFC destination created in the above step
    • Create a Partner agreement usign transaction we20 in the sender SAP system
    • Create a logical system using transaction bd54 for the parner agreement created in the above step
    • Select an IDOC using transaction we19 and change the EDIDC header recepient port & LS name
    • Create an RFC destination to the Sender SAP system using SM59
    • Create port to sender system using idx1 in the XI system for the RFC destination created in the above step
    • Create SLD entries(technical and business system) for the sender SAP system

Business Service as the receiver system


Intgeration Process as the receiver system

There could be scenarios where in an integration process is configured as the receiver system for IDOC.This could be the case when we intend to collect IDOCs in an integration process and then post it in bulk to another SAP system.Here too, we have to specify the Logical System for the IDOC adapter. To acheive this, open integration directory and select the integration process that is configured as receiver for the IDOC.Switch to Edit mode and choose the “Service” menu and then the menu option “Adapter-specific identifiers”. In the popup specify a Logical System for the IDOC adapter.Save and activate the integration process. Now the ALE audit message is sent back to the SAP system without any errors.


Switching Off ALE audit messages

At times, there could be a scenario where in we do not need the ALEAUD IDOCs to be got back.To acheive this add the PORT,CLIENT and MESSAGETYPE to the table IDXNOALE.Use transaction SE16 -> specify the table name “IDXNOALE” and then choose create new entries.Specify the values for PORT, CLIENT and MESTYPE fields, save the entry.This procedure helps switch off ALEAUD IDOCs from being sent back to the sender SAP system.


More details on how to switch off ALE audit messages are available in SAP Note Number : 777175.

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  • Hello,

    Good job !

    I am not sure, but I think you must create metada for the idoc in IDX2 !?


    • Hi Christophe, idx2 definitely is useful to view the IDOC metadata/remove the IDOC type/reassign the IDOC type. One more thing to be taken care is to set the “ACK_SYSTEM_FAILURE” parameter in the XI engine to enable using acknowledgements. In XI ABAP stack, execute SXMB_ADM -> Integration Engine Configuration , add the “ACK_SYSTEM_FAILURE” parameter in the category RUNTIME as well.


    • Hi Christophe,

      if you do not import Metadata to IDX2, then XI will do that the first time a message of this type is sent.

      Best regards

  • Hey,

    Good weblog, I am trying to do a senario as we speak.

    Question1: My receiver is a business process under a party. I specified a logical system name PO_DELL for the process in the adapter specific idenifiers, however I still get the “unable to convert error”.
    Does the LS name have to match anything on the XI or R/3 side? The partner profile in R/3 is the vendor number(ex 1111222200), type LI. Does the LS in XI have to be this number?

    Question2: What has to be done for the acknowledgment part? Do I have to create a partner profile in the R/3 side for DELL_PO(see above) and assign ALEAUD as a message type?

    thanks for the log,


  • Hi,

    I find this on :

    “For the inbound IDoc adapter to be able to send an acknowledgment IDoc to the sender, a Structure link communication channel with the interface ALEAUD.ALEAUD01 must be maintained for the sender.”

    I have a question :

    How could I change the ApplicationAckRequested and ApplicationErrorAckRequested to false without change SystemAckRequested and SystemErrorAckRequested (at true) ?

    I want do this, because when I send an Idoc that it is correctly post with the file adapter, I get an error : “AckRequestNotSupported”. I think it’s because file adapter is not considerate as an application ?!

    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

  • I am getting the notorious ‘Unable to convert…’ message in XI.

    XI is receiving idocs from R/3 system SAPPRD (log sys PRD_010), the idoc is converted to XML and sent out succesfully to a 3rd party, however the idoc adapter is trying to send acknowledgement but is failing.

    The sending R/3 System, SAPPRD, is defined as Business System and in the Adapter-Specific Identifiers section, Logical System PRD_010 is defined for the idoc adapter(from the SLD).

    In the Integration Process for the Inbound idocs I am trying to set the logical system for the idoc adapter (in the Adapter-Specific Identifiers section) but cannot as it says it is already defined for the Business System SAPPRD.

    Any ideas anyone? Is setting the logical system for the Integration Process the right approach?, or is there something else I’m missing?

  • Before I ask my questions, please note I do have a copy of the “How To Handle Acknowledgements for IDoc” How To Guide. I just wanted some clarification.

    Here are my questions:

    1. XI will not send a positve acknowledgement/status to let the sender system know it made it to XI ok, correct?

    2. The only status that XI itself will initiate will be if there is a techncial issue with XI, correct? (Granted the Receiver system could send a positive or negative status back to Sender System) I just want to make sure that XI will not send a status back to Sender System that equates to “Triggering EDI subsystem OK” (or something like that)

    3. How does the status of an idoc get set to 12 from 03? Does that mean that I always have the program RBDMOIND configured when I am interfacing to XI in order to force the status from 03 to 12?

    4. As a norm, are those who are using XI seeing a 12 status on the Sender System IDoc Status?

    5. If a techical issue error occurs in XI, what specific error status will be sent back to the Sender System?(if at all) I am looking for an example status number of what to expect.

    6. If we are doing SAP R/3 to a partners XI system directly and that partner does not have RBDSTATE configured on their SAP R/3 environment and there is nothing else on their XI system for ALEAUD processing, I am out of luck in determining if the IDoc actually made it to their XI system, correct?

    7. The Configure Scenario 2 in the document How To Handle Acknowledgements for IDoc” How To Guide should allow us to determine “did the Idoc get to that Server” correct?

    Thanks for any feedback on this,


  • Can someone please clarify what Logical System we should add to the Business Service?

    I presume it’s NOT the Logical System of the sending SAP system because this is already set against the Business System for that SAP system and you cannot enter a Logical System more than once within XI.

    Therefore, are we supposed to use another Logical System name? What if we aren’t using Logical Systems and we are using Partner Types KU (Customer) and LI (Vendor) because we are doing EDI (not ALE) from the sending SAP system?

    If we make up a Logical System name I presume that the Ack will try and find that Logical System in the source SAP system when sending back the Ack and it will fail if it’s not found?

    Please confirm if Acks can be done for regular EDI which doesn’t use Logical Systems, of if it can only be done for IDOCs being sent from an ALE scenario?

  • Hi, nice blog, very useful.

    I think that you should also mention that the Logical System that you configure in the Adapter Specific Identifiers sections should also be created as a Partner in the Receiving System, otherwise the IDoc would fail. This would mean that you would have to create a new Partner Profile for each ccBPM.