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Resolving MIME repository ID numbers onto paths

Maybe you’ve seen these hexadecimal numbers used as IDs in the MIME repository already. It’s rather tedious to discover what MIME is in fact meant and in which BSP-application it resides. I had that problem when we upgraded to WAS 6.4 last week. Transaction SPAU – which allows you to process repository objects needing adjustment – showed these IDs without any other information.


We didn’t want to browse over thousands of MIMEs via the MIME repository, retrieving the object properties and see if these IDs matched or not. The risk was also that one didn’t focus for a split second and missed it with the obvious result.


The solution (obtained via OSS) for showing the real name behind a MIME object is just a report. In fact there are two reports  one can use. The first one is very simple: just run BSP_RESOLVE_MIME_GUID_TO_PATH, type in or paste your object ID and it gives you the full name and path. It can’t be easier. 

The second one is an analysis tool for the MIME repository, called MR_CHECK_MIMES. This report has several entry points. One can display things like MIME attributes, the object directory entry, the path, all MIMEs of a folder, etc. There is also a search possibility and everything can be nicely sorted. I must admit that I didn’t use this report yet since the first report fulfilled all my needs.

Given the problem description and resolution in OSS, the development group has indicated that they will definitely provide more information in the SPAU display in future releases. Sometimes a little feedback goes a long way!

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