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Simple, Fast and Useful SAP Search Engine

Most of the times users want to search any transaction or table by description or short text. But the problem with description or short text search is that it is case sensitive search and the user doesn’t know which letters are in uppercase and which letters are in lower case. The reason for this is that in the domain of the short text or description there is a flag called lowercase which is checked. SAP search helps needs the key words in sequence seperated by wild characters(*). e.g. If we give Job Overview or Overview Job we should be able to get transaction SM37.

I created a program which is simple, fast and very useful search for Transactions, Database tables, Functions and Programs. I have used native SQL, which is very fast and directly communicates with the underlying database without Database interface. This program works on all databases supported by SAP. It works with 46C, 47 and later releases of SAP. The search is case insensitive, no sequence of key words required, no wild characters required. The only limitation of this program is that it supports maximum of 10 key words for search based on short text or description.

Below is the ABAP code for the search program:

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  • I wish I’d had this program earlier, it would have saved me lots of grievance

    I discovered by accident last year that:
    – One enters (SE37) “*dialog popup*” in Short description and he gets nothing.
    – One has to enter “*dialog Popup*” and thus gets the function POPUP_TO_CONFIRM”

    I was dismayed, consternated, flabbergasted; I couldn’t believe it.

    This program seems to solve this ‘bug’ (kind of – it is not a bug it is a feature).

    If I have time (euphemism for ‘I might not know how to do it’) , I will try to improve the program’s usability as when ‘Back’ is pressed to take the user to the screen he came from. For example he looks for a function, he hasn’t found it, so very likely he would want to enter a new search criteria. Now, he has to again ‘Execute’ the program -> one extra click.

    However, I noticed the following with regard to searching (CRM 3.1 SP06, IDES system)
    1.     SE37 – *RAW* in Function Module ->56 hits
    2.     SE16 – tbl. TFTIT *RAW* in Funcname -> 60 hits
    3.     This custom program – RAW in FUNC -> 3 hits

    Cause: Language (I noticed that func. LIST_TO_ASCI cannot be found in 3. because its original language is DE).

    So I commented out ‘WHERE SPRAS = :’E’ AND’ and now I think the results are closer to reality as not all short descriptions are translated from DE to E.
    For example searching for ‘raw’ in ‘Short description’ produces now 71 results in comparison to 6 results before.

    • Hi,

      I made this program as copy and paste ready usable executable program, so I did not use Module Pool/screen programming. I just used selection screens and going back to the search popup screen from search results requires more effort. Using call screens it can be done very easily. But if someone wants to readily use this program he needs to create the screens.
      Anyway this program can be further improved to suite the requirements of the user like language dependent search etc.

      Bhaskar Madugula

  • I found out that i can not use non english characters in Short Description to search by
    i.e using “Greiddar póstkröfur” to search for tables does not generate a hit but using “Greiddar” does work.

    Many custom objects in my system use Icelandic descriptions in short text, and getting around this would be nice.

    Any idea on why this behaviou occurs.

    Best regards Sigurdur

    • Hi,

      The program given searches for English Language.
      Remove Language field if you want to search for all the languages.
      Use Language ‘D’ for German Language only for field SPRSL/SPRAS/DDLANGUAGE instead of ‘E’ for English.