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SAP GUI for Java-Web Deployment

SAP GUI for Java-Web Deployment –Enterprise Portal,

Configuring SAP GUI for Java

but then this was not just enough for me.

Here I have  my requirement as bringing SAP GUI for Java in MAC using Web Deployment.

1)       First download PlatinGUI-MacOSX-630.jar from

2)       Copy or ftp to your Enterprise Portal server ( I had put it in /usr/sap…../jspTemp/../platinhome/”)

Just extract the JAR file inside the recommended folder (do not install).

3)       That’s it come back to the Enterprise Portal Screen , Create a SAP Transaction iView  selecting

SAP GUI for java and giving the R/3 connection parameters.

4)       Now go to System Administration -> Systems-> System Services->

5)       Now edit the transaction_service

6)       There are two fields which actually ask for the path in which the jar files are located and the JRE path. (JREPluginDownloadLocation and JavaGuiCodeBase)

Now the JavaGuiCodeBase path is the relative path w.r.t the enterprise portal

Example : is the main page

and in my case I have created a new directory in the same place hence my path would be

/irj/platinhome that’s it

The JRE path this is basically needed incase the client does not have a JRE installed in the machine. If you are very sure that the client machine would be having the correct JRE (see JRE requirement from the manual available in the FTP site), one can afford to leave this field blank.

Else place the JRE installation (client machine compatible) inside a directory accessible through the HTTP protocol and give its path in JREPluginDownloadLocation.

7)       you are all set to preview the ivew or assign it to a user and test it.

Problems which I encountered

1) not found

Typical path problem either not set in the transaction_service or  wrong path

2)       Resource load failed

This is because the JAR file in the server is not compatible with the client machine

I had the JAR of windows and was trying in MAC J

       3)    In all case one can check the guiinstall.log (see manual)



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      Former Member
      Hi,I´m trying to test it, i get the next error:
      ConnectionString    /H/
      System   TEL 
      Transaction Code    AL08
      ClientJREVersion   1.3 1.4 

      Any idea???
      Thanks in advance.
      Raúl Martínez.

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      Former Member
      Hi Raúl,
      I have not encountered this sort of error,
      but just an Info,

      1)Make sure the path of the platinjar is located in a place where http can access
      2) This uses applet, make sure browser supports /enabled applet.

      can you tell me are you being poped up for a JRE install?
      if you could be more specific in your error i can try and test from my side or may be you can post it in the forum for faster response.


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      Former Member
      i get this error from EP 6 SP2 in the option: system administration -> support -> sap application -> sap transaction -> transaction for sap gui java.
      i execute this option from a computer with sap gui for java installed via web server.
      thanks krishna.
      raúl martínez.
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      Former Member
      Hi Krishna,

      Your weblog is very helpful. I was trying it out, but got stuck at the fourth step. I cannot find the path System Administration -> Systems-> System Services-> you mentioned and neither can I find the service

      Could you help me out with it?