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SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0 offers many ways
to do the message and adapter monitoring but this time
I’d like to present the possibilities of just the two of them:

– Adapter monitor
– Message Display Tool

Both of then can be accessed by a web browser just like RWB (Runtime Workbench)

Adapter Monitor

The Adapter Monitor can be called at: http://hostname:portnumber/AdapterFramework/monitor/monitor.jsp


In the Adapter Monitor you can see the status of the adapter
but also the present status of it’s channels.


So generally it’s here where you can easily check whether
your adapter is running or not and if not, you can see
the Processing Error and try to repair it.

Message Display Tool

The Message Display Tool can be called at:



If your message was processed by the adapter
and you’d like to check it’s status – whether it was successfull or not,
you can find it out in the Message Display Tool.
It allows you to monitor sent, received and error messages.
Audit Log link shows you the steps performed
during the transmission of the message like:
putting the message into the queue, retrieving from the queue,
deleting file after processing, sending a delivery ack for example.


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  1. Really, i find it really cool 🙂 At last a place where i can check what’s going on with adapters.


  2. Deidre Logan
    Thanks for the information.  How do you find out all the URLs that are available?  Is there a single place that has these links?  If there is an error in the Adapter Framework URL how do you fix it?  I find some of the messages to be very vague.
    1. Michal Krawczyk
      Post author

      Hi,<br/><br/>Thx:) <br/><br/>BTW <br/>I find all of those links on <br/> <br/>but you can’t find them on one page<br/>you have to go through all of them 🙂 <br/><br/>Adapter monitor:<br/><br/><br/>the link to the messaging <br/>I found accidentaly 🙂 <br/>by removing <br/><br/>/receive/BcAdapter/BC <br/><br/>from that link:<br/><br/>http://<hostname:portnumber>/MessagingSystem/receive/BcAdapter/BC <br/><br/>found on page:<br/><br/><br/><br/>Kind Regards,<br/><br/>Michal Krawczyk


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